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"You Wouldn't Know"
Season Zero, Episode One
Production code: One
Airdate: June 6, 2000 Never
Director: Bankaibuddy15
Story: Bankaibuddy15
Written &
storyboarded by:
"Dyers Eve"
You Wouldn't Know is a (fake) episode of Adventure Time that sees Jake dealing with the responsibility of being Finn's "brother."


When Finn nearly dies in a fight with Marsha, Jake begins to feel that he has neglected Finn his whole life by allowing him to engage in such risky behavior, so he decides to put an end to their adventuring for the sake of Finn's safety.


  • TBA


  • Finn
  • Jake
  • Ice King (flashback0
  • Demon Cat (Flashback)
  • Guardian Angel (Flashback)
  • Skeletons (Flashback)
  • Talking Skull (Flashback)
  • Marceline (Flashback)
  • Snail
  • Marsha


  • The episode is named after a song by Heavy Metal supergroup Hellyeah from their self titled debut release. The song is about the pain drummer Vinnie Paul suffered after losing his younger brother Dimebag Darrel.

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