Name Wrath
Gender Male
Species Sin
Occupation Deadly Sin
Relatives Gluttony, Sloth, Pride, Greed, Lust & Envy (brothers & sisters)
Introduced In Death Trial

"Wrath" (or sometimes refered as Rage) first appeared in Death Trial as one of the major antoganists. He is one of the 7 Deadly Sins and thus must be fought by Finn and Jake to go back to the World of Living. He was the fifth sin to be fought.


Wrath bears sometwhat appearance to the Lich although not very much. Wrath wears a gray metal viking helmet with two horns and a sharp mouth covering (although it's his real mouth). He has evil red glowing eyes too. The rest of his body is completely blank, he is tall with sharp big claws and root-like feet.


Wrath as a supernatural being has several special abilities.

  • He, like the Lich, can generate green flames from his claws and fire them at his opponent.
  • He is able to fly in the air, withouth limits.
  • When he rages he becomes surrounded with green fire that burns everyone near, when he rages his steps also create small earth shocks.
  • He is also the only Sin who let's other skeletons fight for him.
  • His chamber is made or earth stone, there leads a path to his throne and has torches with green fire to the walls, in addition to that there are lying skeletons around the room giving him the advance when he uses his powers.


  • The Lich was chosen to represent Wrath because he still wants revenge on Finn and Jake for defeating him the last time.

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