Episode Summary Edit

Prismo talks about how everyone made thier wishes, and how it affects the future and past.


Prismo is in the Time Room, and he then looks at the audience. "Oh, hey, dude. I'm glad you came back." It then shows he was talking to Jake. "Thanks... hey, what's that next to you?" Prismo turns around to see a big list with names on it. "Oh, people came here and made wishes. Actually, I heard them talking aboutt wishing and sent them here. Want to watch these?" Jake stretched next to him and replied, "Totes ya, broha!" Prismo took his remote and clicked the TV on. "First is that old guy."

Ice King's Wish Edit

At the Ice King's kingdom, he was talking to Hot Dog Princess in her cage. "So, princess, do you like magic?" Hot Dog Princess ran away and tried to chew the bars off. "Stop, my love!" Finn and Jake climbed in the room from the window and broke the bars. Hot Dog Princess cheered. "Thanks, Butt King!" Jake said, and he, HDP and Finn left. "That was funny." Jake said, outside the TV. Back in the TV, Ice King yelled, ""Aw, man! I wish I married my one true love, so my life would be cool..." He was then teleported to the Time Room. "Hey, I heard you're wish. Time for you to go into the different reality!" He then snapped his fingers, and Ice King disappeared. In the different reality, Ice King was now Simon, with his crown no where to be found. He got out of bed, and he walked into the kitchen. "Betty, where are the Rice Crispos?" His old fiancee Betty walked in. It then went to the Time Room with Jake asking, "Wait, I thougt his true love was PB!" Jake said. "Oh, in his heart, he really loved Betty, and so this happened." In the TV, Betty was aying, "I put them in the bottom shelf. Don't you ever look better?" She complained. Simon grumbled, "You're not perfect either." He took the cereal out, but then dropped it. "Betty, my life lacks excitment. I want... to collect artifacts, and discover new things! I'll be a legend..." Betty grinned. "You know, I have a ticket to this Ancient Artifact Tour in Scandinavia, and if you really want to-" Simon ran over and grabbed the ticket and ran out. "Honestly, why did I even marry him?" Simon flew to the place, and saw the crown. He then saw someone trying to steal it (it was Gunther from the past). "Gaurds, stop it!" No one listened, so he jumped into the room and started fighting Gunther. "Stop, or i'll call the police!" Gnther dropped it, and the jewels fell out and broke. A wierd spirit came out of it. "I will destroy you two for breaking the jewels of ice!" It turned into a giant ice man and threw ice ninja stars. "Help me, penguin!" Gunther had ran out of the room. "You coward!" He was being hurt by the ice monster. Gunther was suddenly sent in the time room. "quack quack quack!" Prismo then said, "Oh, so you want to help Ice King? What do you wish for?" Gunther quacked. "Oh, did you say "I wish to rewind time and make Ice King wear the crown"? Okay, that will work." Time was rewinded in the TV, and it went back to the Ice King with the crown. He put it on, and then it fast forwarded to present time. "Well, that was that!" Prismo said. "Next, the robot."

Beemo's WishEdit

At the treehouse, Beemo was playing a gme by himself. He was bored. "*sigh* I wish I was a cool adventurer like Finn and Jake." He was transported to Prismo's room. "Oh, hello, room man! Are you a magic genie?" Beemo asked. "Uh, kind of. Time for your wish to come true!" Beemo was sent to the alternate reality. In the reality, Beemo was fighting Ice King who had Finn, Robot Princess and Jake in a cage. "Save us, Beemo!" Finn said. In the time room, Jake said, "Beemo must have loved it there. When does it get exciting?" Prismo shushed him and said, "I'm getting to it!" In the TV, Beemo said, "You better release Robot Princess and my friends or you're going to experience a whole new kind of pain!" Ice King tried to freeze Beemo, but Beemo front flipped at him and kicked off kis crown. "My crown!" Beemo punched him in the face and he was knocked out. Beemo opened the cage, and Robot Princess jumped into his arms. "Oh, Beemo, you are so heroic!" Finn and Jake walked home while Beemo went to the Robot Kingdom. When they got to the kingdom, Beemo said, "Robonna," (That's her real name) "I have been thinking about this, and... will you marry me?" Robot Princess looked wierd. "Um, Beemo, I know this isn't what you want to hear, but... I'm actually programmed by Ice King to destroy you." She then turned into a giant Terminator-like robot and started shooting at Beemo. "Why would you want to destroy me?!" Beemo yelled as he hid behind a cabinet. "I can only be stopped by a computer virus... waait, I didn't say that!" Robonna said. Beemo then yelled, "System shutdown protocall: A-T-I-A100 Infinity!" Robonna then exploded into peices, kind of harming Beemo. Beemo's screen was cracked, and his legs were ripped off. "BZZZZ...Robonna....BZZZZZ...Goodbye...SYSTEM SHUTDOWN." Beemo was shut off. Jake, in the time room, asked, "Wait, so Beemo is gone now?" Prismo shook his head and answered, "No, his pie throwing friend wished him to have wished for a giant pie. So technically, this never happened. Okay, next is this wierd worm thing."

King Worm's Wish Edit

King Worm was living underground creating dream food, whitch becomes real. "Ice cream cone... sandwich... Oh, how I wish to be able again to control people's dreams!"  He was sent to the time room. "Okay, King Worm, time for your wish to come true!" In his wishland, Princess Bubblegum was dreaming of something. "hey Bubblegum!" Dream Marceline said. "Eat this!" She threw her axe bass at her and it chopped off her hair. "AAH, I'M BALD!" Meanwhile, in Finn's dream, he was dreaming of ice cream. "Time to eat this ice cream!" He exclaimed. Suddenly, the ice cream had a face. "Time to eat you!" It attacked him. "AAAAH! Wait... this is just a dream! wish King Worm would go somewhere- maybe the Dream Kingdom-and leave us alone!" Finn was sent to timeroom.Prismo said, "Hey, Finn! Time to fix this up!" He snapped his fingers and King Worm was the Dream Kingdom. "All hail the new Dream King!" The Dreamlings said. "See ya'!" Snoozer (AKA Old Dream King) said, as he teleported away. "SWEEET!" King Worm said. Outside the TV, Jake said, "That was a good ending. So who is next?" Prismo looked at the list. "Next is.. oops, I guess no one else came here." Jake left and everytihng was normal.

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