Based on the episode: Windy Candy


-Scene begins at the Treedome where Finn and Jake are playing Tetris with BMO.-

Finn: Hey, Jake, you always wonder what happens if BMO was a girl?

Jake: I dont know, he's actually genderless.

Finn: Oh,

-the phone rings and Finn answers the phone-

Finn: Hello? Finn here.

-screen switches revealing PB-

PB: Hey, Finn.

Finn: Hey PB, why ya callin'?

PB: -sighs- Finn, i want both of you to come here. Its a... you know.. Ice King emergency.

Finn: -sigh- This Ice King thing is really getting annoying. 'Kay, I'll be there. -hangs up-

Jake: Who was that?

Finn: PB, its an Ice King emergency.

Jake: This is really getting annoying.

-screen switches to the Candy Forest, with Finn and Jake running-

Finn: DUDE! I think I see snow!

Jake: But it aint' winter! I think its Ice King! Run faster!

-F & J runs faster and reachs the Candy Kingdom-

Finn: Jake! Turn to an umbrella!

Jake: -turns to an umbrella- Parasol!!

Finn: Lets roll!

-Finn and Jake runs very fast to the Candy Castle-

PB: Finn! Glad you can make it! Listen, Ice King is snow-flaking again, And I think he's doing it on purpose. So, please let him cry!

Finn: Dont worry. -charges outside with Jake as an umbrella-

Jake: Oh, Ice King... time for a little punch off! -punches IK but misses- Darn!

IK: Hehehehehe... -freezes Jake-


Jake: Dude, calm down. Just let 'em cry!

Finn: -sighs- I'll do it.

Starchy: Go Finn!

Mr. Cupcake: Go Go Go!

Candy People: GOOOOOOOOO!!!!

Finn: -grabs a sword and an umbrella and rushes to the IK- Hiyah! Hiyah! -tries to hit him but cant reach-

IK: FOOL! FOOOL! You can never destroy me! I can Fly! WEEEE!!!!!! (flees away to the Ice Kingdom)

Finn: Darn it. PB! I need to borrow The Morrow!

PB: Sure Finn, MORROW!

Morrow: -shrieks and carries Finn on its back-

Finn: I see him! Morrow! Go closer! -Morrow goes closer-

IK: Tootles! -freezes The Morrows wings as it falls on the ground, injured-

Finn: Morrow! Oh No! I btter call PB for LR.. But she's pregnant... But Jake... -sigh- -gets phone and asks PB for LR-

Lady Rainicorn: (Hint: Lady Rainicorn has a Universal Translater this time) Finn, sorry I'm late. I'm exhausted.

Finn: Sorry, LR. But Jake and the others are frozen. Can you take me to the Ice Kingdom?

Lady Rainicorn: Sure. -carries Finn to the Ice Kingdom-

-screen switches to the Ice Kingdom-

LR: We're here.

Finn: Thanks Lady, I think you need to rest here.

LR: Good idea. (Finn runs to Ice King's home)

Finn: Ice King!!! I know you are hiding here!

IK: Heheheh, FOOL! Come closer so I can kill you.

Finn (annoyed) Why would I even do that? -charges at the Ice King and pushes him to a wall, the wall cracks and reveals a cage full of 5 princess; LSP, Hot Dog Princess,Raggedy Princess, Emerald Princess, and Slime Princess- -Gasps- ICE KING!!! LET THESE PRINCESSES GO!!

IK: Heh, blablabla is all you know.

Finn (rage mode): Ice King!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -jumps out the window and runs to LR-

LR: Finn, are you ok?

Finn: -calms down- Yeah... I think so.

LR: Finn, you wont like this, but, I received a text from Dr. Princess. She said PB is frozen! Im kinda worried. I dont want her to get flu. It's really unhealthy.

Finn: (rage mode) WHAT?! Oh man!

(flashback time, YAY!)

IK (on flashback): Heheheheh... (freezes Jake)

LR (on flashback): Finn, you wont like this, but, I recieved a text from Dr. Princess. She said PB is frozen!

Princesses (on flashback) FINN! SAVE US!

Finn (on reality): Hmph. Lady, I have some unfinished business. (goes inside IK's house) ICE KING! I HAVE SOMETHING TO SAY TO YOU! (breaks the cages with a kick)

Princesses: Yay!

IK: No! You are ruining my plan! Argh!

Finn: Dont care, you butt! -kicks him, punches him, spits on him, and steps on him until he cries-

IK: Please no more! -cries in terror-

-The sound breaks all flu-

Jake: Woo! Alright!

PB: -on her breath- Thank you Finn,

Finn: Yeah!! -gets phone and calls Jake) Hey Jake! What time is it?!


-Show ends with Finn smiling on close-up-

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