After a lab accident Finn Jake and marceline are killed so pb goes to the library and meets a young man who,unknown to her,is a agent of the W.I.A,the werewolf intellegence agency

Pb was very sad at the moment becausr her friends were dead.and so washer entire kingdose sort of.bomb went her lab in to kidnap her and in doing so.said.bomb killed her friends and everyone in her kingdom except her and the ice king.the blast had knocked the ice king out so pb went toary to hide from him.that's where she met him.she was walking through the library when she bumped into a young man with hair as red as fire and as dark as blood.he hundred percent human. He looked about six foot five and had a slightly.muscular buildhe was wearing glasses a white shirt.with.all but the top.button buttop,blue jeans,and tan loafers.the man then said name is.Zane Brown. Pb then sallid my name us.bonniebel.they then.spent thene ten hours talking then when the library closed they went to zanes house.when the sun came.up they were still talking and after.another.five.hours.pb left.Zane then said wow she was cute.hopefully she won't be scared by my profession.the next day Zane.called.pb and.aked.her out on a date.then he got a call from the W.I.A. apearently some terrorists were in a warehouse and he has to go in and kill them.he changed into a full black jacket,jeans and shoes.he then got in his ferrari and went to the warehouse. He went in and was surrounded by twenty enimies.price of cake.he got out. His energy blaster and shot up eachone.he checked the warehouse for anymore of them but they were all dead.he a call from pb.she was asking where to go.zne said the his mind he was telling himself that the beach would help him relax.he went to the candy kingdom to meet with pb and he got another call from the W.I.A. apparentlyhe has been assinged to protect pb.good enough for him that ment he could be with pb all the time.and then he saw some blue dude go.into the candy.castle as he arrived at the door.when he went in it seemed that the blue dude was trying to kidnap her.Zane got out his energy blaster and gave him a warning hit the guys crown and he fell.down.he noticed that he wasn't looking all right.the blue dude was suffering from advances ageing.Zane brought out his multitool and set it for chronic regeneration and. The blue dude looked like how he did before the crown.Zane then said well this was a nice beginning for a date.come on were going to the beach.pb and Zane stepped outside and pb noticed his Ferrari and she was impressed.they went to the beach then.changed into their swim clothes..pb put on a two piece bikini and Zane put on a pair of swim trunks. Then as if on cue a few members of those terrorists appeared because apearently he didn't kill them hard enough.he shot them up and pb asked what he was. He then replied a secret agent for the W.I.A.pb was very surprised

See more on the new series called agents of ooo

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