Who Will I Take?
Played in "Commercial"

Finn: Who will I take?

Jake: Who will he take?

Finn: I dont really know who should I take.

Jake: Wha?

Finn: No,no,no,no,no,no I have five choices, five different voices!

Finn: But I still don't know who to take...

Jake (rapping): Yesterday, to Finn's dismay, He went awake, he doesnt know who to take. The sun was shining, like he was blinded'. Yesterday, Lighty told him she loved her, she was really cool, with her zapping powers.

Finn: But I still dont know who to take, (who to take)

Jake: Dude, I really want some strawberry cake.

(Finn kicks Jake)

Jake (rapping): His current lover, whose name is Flame Princess, I dont really know If they got chances, but Finn and her got two forlorns, but he still doesnt know who to take, though the best choice is corn!

Finn: But I still don't know who to take!

Jake (rapping) Marceline, the vampire queen, she's really men, but a type for Finn, they love adventures, surviving dangers, painting painters, really cool powers. But he still dont know who to taaake!!!'m

Finn: I dont know who to take, every step I make, is a big mistake, I made a house, I kept her blouse, I stepped on a mouse, I fell for her douse, I went on a date, finished my plate, discovered a crate, but I still dont know who to take.

Jake (rapping): Marshalia, you know she likes ya. She hates salsa. Marcy's sis, she makes her piss, and also hiss, but still he doesnt know--

Ice King: Who to taaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa*cough*aaaaaaaake!

Finn: Ice King, leave, just go ho, heave, dont beleive.

Jake (rapping): Two times four, add three, divide by six, equals what? I dont really know but the next host, kniws to start a show, shes made of sugar, a very smart er. The last decision, of Finn's vision. Though kinda nerdy,. She aint jerky--

PB (from a distance, yelling): LIKE MARCY!

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