Adventure Time with Finn and Jasmine

In this episode Finn and Jasmine throw a party


Finn and Jasmine throw a party, and all main characters but Ice king, Fionna and Cake(Doesn't exist yet), and Trevor are Invited


When the sun goes Down

Hit the lights

And other unimportant songs you'll hear snippets of, like Twist your hips, All electric, and Dance for Life


  • Finn: Mi, How do you like the party, baby?
  • James:Yeah fine Ladies, dance with me!
  • Jasmine: I twist my hips, I swerve and dip, watch me whirl!, watch me WHIRL!
  • Finn: let's kick it to the right, right, right, I'm dancing for my life, life, LIFE!


  • Finn calls Jasmine "Mi" again, like in Whiplash and My Dilemma
  • Jasmine does her famous good dancing
  • Finn raps in this episode
  • Jake wears a lampshade on his head a majority of the episode