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The title card of "What Was Unnoticed" if it were an episode of Adventure Time. By Finnthealgebraic.

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Title Card in color (mind the shadow) -Finnthealgebraic

What Was Unnoticed is an Adventure Time fanfiction created and written by user finnthealgebraic. As of Febuary 10th, 2012, this story has fiftteen chapters and 173 comments, and is completed. It is the second part of the "What Was" series. The first part is called What Was Missing, and is inspired by the Season Three Episode of Adventure Time. It has an alternet ending. What Was Unnoticed also has a sequal (the third installment of the series): What Was Unexpected.

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Things are about to change when one little snail changes Ooo's day. It's obvious who has done this... but will he be able to be stopped this time?


Each section will breifly described each chapter.

Chapter 1- He Lives On
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Story board of what might the opening of Chapter 1 might of looked like. By finnthealgebraic.


Chapter one starts out at Finn and Jake's tree fort when Finn enters the living room to see Jake focused on a video game he is playing on Beemo. Jake asks Finn what he wants to do, and Finn replies that he promised Princess Bubblegum that he would go see her that day. Jake replies (hypnotised by the game) that he will remain at home but eventually leaves after Finn does to meet Lady Ranicorn; they meet back up with Finn and PB at the end of the chapter.

Once at the Candy Kingdom, Finn jogs up some stairs that lead to Princess Bubblegum's science lab. He knocks, and is given permission to enter. When he walks up to the princess, she explains to him that she found a snail, but believes somthing is not right about it. This is the possessed waving snail. Finn agrees with her that somthing is wrong, but doesn't know exactly what. The pair are discussing it when they hear low mumblings like, "revenge..." and "...return...". They agknowlege it but decide to ignore it, put the snail in its cage, and go outside.

Meanwhile, in the Ice Kingdom, the Ice King shouts for Gunter. A crash is heard and Ice King rushes into the "...supposedly used gym room..." to find Gunter dancing next to a broken bottle like he did at the end of the episode "Still". Ice King angerly shouts "LOOK WHAT YOU DID, GUNTER!" and explains how mad he was about being paralyzed because of the penguin. Then Ice King tells Gunter to go away, and to take the floating Pink Kitten too. Once the animals were out of the room, Ice King grumbles to himself but gets inturrupted by Gunter entering the room and slapping him in the face. Ice King shouts at Gunter as the penguin waddles away, "Gunter, it's unnatural to slap people!" followed by an angry yell. It is implied that the bottle held some of the potion used by the Lich to help him gain power, and then confirmed that the Lich had a deal with Ice King later in the story.

Back at the Candy Kingdom, Finn and PB are walking outside when PB notices somthing on the ground. The section reads:

"Look, Finn! Oh my grob it's so cute! Look!" Princess Bubblegum bent down to look at something in the grass.
"Oh, holy cow! A candy corn rat," remarked Finn.
The rat looked up at the two and did a flip. It then started running up to the castle.
"Where's it going?" Wondered the princess.
In a split second, the rat came running out from the castle with a test tube in its mouth. It then dropped it in the princess' hands.
"What is it, Poibles?"
"It seems to be the instant antidote to the Freezerburn Flu! But... this was only a theory in my notes, plus I haven't tested it yet."
Finn exclaimed, "Slammacow! This rat knows science!" He picked the rat up. "You should keep her."
"I should, and that's what I'll name her. Science is the perfect name!"

And so the both of them put Science in a cage next to the possessed snail. Science looks over at her nieghbor nervously. "She didn't like him.
And he hated everyone.
Science gulped and tried not to worry as she ran on her wheel. How would she tell the princess about this? What warning does she have?"

Back outside, Finn and the princess are playing a little game of tag. PB knocks Finn over, says "You're it!" and falls down on the grass next to him. They gaze at the clouds until Jake and Lady Ranicorn emerge in a hurry out of the Cotton Candy Forest. They claim to have seen a huge explosion over at the Ice Kingdom, and that it's all foggy and hard to see. A squeek is heard from the castle, and Finn exclaims that it was Science. The group rush inside-

"When they got up there, Science was pounding on the side of her glass enclosement, and then she pointed to the snail's cage. The cage door was open, and the snail gone. Left behind: a trail of dead science plants, leading out the window, through the now path of dead grass, and toward the Ice Kingdom."


  • Finn
  • Jake
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    Alex and Connor: detitcated to Superfan44 on, the creator of the duo. -Finnthealgebraic

  • Princess Bubblegum(13 years old)
  • Snail (Possessed)
  • Science
  • Lady Ranicorn
  • Ice King
  • Gunter
  • Pink Cat
  • Lich King
  • Death
  • Marceline
  • Marshall Lee
  • Peppermint Butler
  • Unnamed door lord
  • Cinnimon Bun
  • The Banana Man
  • Alex (Fan Made)
  • Connor (Fan Made)
  • Alexa (Author Made)

Fan Made CharactersEdit

Three fan made characters debuted in Chapter 10 of What Was Unnoticed: Alex, Connor, and Alexa.


Alex was one of two characters created by reader Superfan44. Alex has short brown hair and wears a cowboy
12 017

What Alex would look like. -Finnthealgebraic

hat. He also wears a hoodie with a black shirt underneath, jeans, and sneakers. He is a fourteen year old human.

Alex is a skilled hunter and fighter. His primary weapon is an AK-47 assault rifle. He can also sword fight. His rifle has two modes: Mode 1 (M-1) and Mode 2 (M-2). Mode one is a regular gun, while Mode two opens a portal where anything can come out of, especially the prisoners Connor captures with his weapon (see Connor for details).

He comes from the continent of Valde Terra, which in Latin means "Great

An AK47 assault rifle; most likely what Alex's would look like.

Land". There was other humans on Valde Terra, but Alex and Connor think that most likely they were all killed by a great civil war that erupted there (North against South). Alex and Connor escaped by rowboat and docked on the beach of Iceberg Lake (with the Gauntlet Dock) where then they started their exploration of Ooo and ran into Alexa.


Connor is another character made up by Superfan44. He is also a human, but age twenty four. Connor is more of a "bad boy" with a snake skin jacket, dark sun glasses, black jeans, and black leather boots.
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What Connor would look like. -Finnthealgebraic

Connor is also a professional fighter. He uses a pistol, and can also sword fight like Alex. His pistol also has two modes (M-1 being a regular gun). Mode two creates the said portal Alex's gun opens (see Alex) and sucks anything in and traps the prisoners there. The only way to open it, again, is to shoot the AK-47.

He, too, is from the continent of Valde Terra. Connor escapes with Alex to

Most likely what Connor's weapon, a pistol, would look like.

find somewhere else to live. Not mentioned in the story, Connor opens a map and sees the continent of Ooo and decides to go there. He knows only that it is home to one human, so he wants to see for himself.


Alexa is a character created by the author, finnthealgebraic. She was once a human, but now is a developing vampire. Alexa has blue-gray skin, has dark brown shoulder length hair that covers her face, and wears a backwards hat that says "HAMBO". She also possesses a black sweatshirt, ripped jeans, and blue plaid skater
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What Alexa would look like. -Finnthealgebraic

shoes. She is thirteen.

Alexa can sword battle pretty well. Like the hero Billy, she calls her sword "Fate" and it appears in her hand; little is know how she got her weapon. She can also fight hand-to-hand, considering being trapped in the Nightosphere for eleven years.

Her history is briefly explained in chapter ten when Connor asks about her. She says,

"Well, I don't remember much. When I was two or so, my parents died. A great flood destroyed my old village shortly after, and that was when I drowned. I didn't die for some reason, but got transported to a dimension where nobody wanted me. They were scary people. For survival, I had nothing; through the days, my skin changed to this color, and I ate the red from my blanket. When I grew, I unwillingly had to steal things from the creatures who lived there. Stuff happened to me, like supernatural powers, and though I have never been bitten by one, I am slowly turning fully into a vampire from being trapped for so long."

Alex and Connor meet Alexa when Alex fires a "practice shot". She steps out of the portal, and is relieved to be freed from the Nightosphere. The three promise to stick together and head towards Mount Cragdor: last home of the Enchiridion.


  • At the end of Chapter 1, there is a typo. It reads, "When they got up their..." It was supposed to be "there".
  • The author didn't actaully think that the story would be 15 chapters long, but thanks her readers for inspering her to keep writing.
  • The Banana Man only made a cameo in the last chapter in one paragraph because Finnthealgebraic states, "I just put him in there because he's the best little thing!"
  • Finnthealgebraic plans to keep Princess Bubblegum 13 the whole series, but doesn't know how many stories are going to be in the series. Right now there the three.

About the AuthorEdit

Finnthealgebraic's real name is actually Alexa, she named her made-up character after herself. She says this because she was inspired by Pen Ward, who named Pen after himself in the animated short of Adventure Time.

Alexa is a 13 year old girl who enjoys cartooning and writing. She supports the Finn and Princess Bubblegum pairing (especially Finn and the younger princess, stating "Young PB forever!" in the comments of her own story), and is a major fan of the cartoon Adventure Time. In her fanfiction biography, she states that her favorite cartoons are Adventure Time, Regular Show, MAD, The Amazing World of Gumball, The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack, and Chowder.

The author seems to enjoy listening to rock and songs featured on Adventure Time, according to her favorite song list on her FF bio:

"Favorite Songs- The Fry Song (Marceline the Vampire Queen); I'm Just Your Promblem (Marceline the Vampire Queen); What Am I to You? -My Best Friends in the World- (Finn the Human); The Boat Song (Jake the Dog); Help is on the Way (Rise Agianst); You're Going Down (Sick Puppies); World So Cold (Three Days Grace); Blow Me Away (Breaking Benjamin); Ouch my Eyeball (Bueno the Bear); Sleepy Puppies (Finn and Jake's Mom); Bring Me to Life (Evanesance); Blow Me Away- Remix FT. Valora (Breaking Benjamin/ Valora)"

Two of the songs on this list are/ will be featured in the What Was Series. "World So Cold" by Three Days Grace is in chapter 3 of What Was Unnoticed, where the Lich possess Finn. "Blow me away" by Breaking Benjimen is going to be featured in What Was Unexpected, in the battle scene. 19:42, January 30, 2012 (UTC)

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