This page is about an episode of Season 6 of Adventure Time. It features the return of Susan Strong and the revelation of Susan Strong's real species. It is revealed she has gills and Finn, Jake and herself must defeat an aquatic beast causing havoc in Beautopia, Susan Strong's home town.


The episode begins with the Ice King explaining to the viewers that is the sixth season and runs through some of the main events that are going to occur in the following season. He mentions he comes close to marrying PB and LSP, Me - Mow, Susan Strong, Fire Princess, The Lich, Ricardio, Fight King (as a ghost), Princess Cookie, The Earl of Lemongrab, Joshua, Gunter and Paper Pete return. The Ice King manically freezes the screen, while the episode begins.

Finn and Jake return from apple picking and are about to deliver the apples to Tree Trunks when they both fall down a drain. Now in the sewers they find them selves covered in slime and discover all the apples are ruined. A tall figure stands infront of them and yanks them up from the ground. It is Susan Strong and she reminds Finn and Jake of the last time they met and when Susan Strong made the shocking revelation she had gills and she was not a human.

Finn remembers their last adventure together and asks what the problem is now. Susan replies and explains a huge aqautic beast is terrorising Beautopia and only Finn can destroy it. Finn says he will try to kill as Susan leads him to the monster. Susan had tried beating it but her strongness hasn't hurt even a bit. After a stab of his sword Finn pronounces the monster immortal. As he pronounces it the aqautic beast traps Finn inside it's mouth. A scared Jake tells Susan he may be able to turn the monster mortal if he can find Princess Bubblegum before Finn is devoured. Susan Strong smashes an opening above them so Jake can stretch out and ask PB to create a concoction that can transform the beast mortal.

Meanwhile Susan evacuates the rest of her tribe to a nearby settlement that is inhabitted by Octo - woman. A race consisting of half octopus, half woman creatures. Both tribes having aquatic features allows the both tribes to get along but when the beast follows Susan and her tribe it smashes the Octo - woman settlement apart destroying all the octo - woman due to them perishing when their habitat is destroyed. PB quickly make up a formula and gives it to Jake who then gives it to Susan so she can turn the monster mortal. When it is mortal Susan bashes it apart as Finn fall out of it's body as a hugeflow of water flows out of it's body flodding the sewers.

Susan saves Finn and Jake from the flood and brings them up to the land. Finn and Jake wake up and are being operated by Dr Dextrose. PB is glad they are okay but Finn and Jake are puzzled Susan never said good bye. Susan feeling bad comes onto the land for only a minute to say goodbye but returns due to gasping for air.

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