W Princess

Water Princess in Finn's New Love Promotional Artwork.

Water Princess is the ruler of the Water Kingdom and is known to have a rivalry between the Flame Princess. The Fire King once had a battle with the Water King but the advantageous Water King lost and was killed. The Water Princess first appears in Finn's New Love then makes cameo appearences in The Accused and You Loved Me then returns later in part two of You Loved Me and goes to war with the Flame Princess.



When Finn rides the Royal Seahorse over a massive wave when he enters the Water Kingdom he is put on trial and then sentenced to death but the Water Princess loves him and saves him. They both date after that. Water Princess is madly in love with Finn but Finn does not feel the same way she loves him. Finn doesn't tell her he likes the Flame Princess because he is aware of her rivalry. In her latest appearance the water Princess says she doesn't like Finn as much as she did before due to his romance with the Fire Princess but she then states she likes him a bit due to his cuteness.

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