Turtle With Hammer
Turtle with Hammer
Name Turtle With Hammer
Gender Female
Species Turtle
Occupation Construction Worker (Possible)
Introduced In Under The Sea

Turtle With Hammer was first seen on "Under The Sea" where she is seen in the background. She seems to be holding a hammer, which could be her job, or she is just holding it for fun.


Turtle With Hammer looks like a turtle, with a hammer. The hammer looks like a wood, and a stone. Her shell looks dark, and her skin looks light.


  • Charles was now promoted to Creative Director. Jico (BuritoMan) will make a page about him soon.
  • Charles said that Turtle With Hammer is a girl, and also that "Turtle With Hammer" is her official name since "Hammer" is a long type of "Her", which gave Charles an idea to make her a girl. She will appear again in a future episode.

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