From Trouble Tower created by BuritoMan.


Finn: Hey, pig! Want some swine flu? -kicks the pig in the nose, as it breaks.-

Phew! That was exhausting!

Jake: Your'e telling me... WOAH! Dude look! Its a tower! Lets go check it out!

Finn: Adenture could await! Lets go! -Finn and Jake runs toward the tower- Eh. It looks abandoned. Hey look! A sign.

Jake: Urm... It says "Warning. Do not enter the tower." Dramabomb!

Finn: -goes in castle- Hmm..

Jake: Dude... Really.. I think this was a bad idea. Comeon, lets go home!

Finn: YOU were the one who got us into this. Hehe. -goes inside the castle as Jake follows him-

Jake: Lets go smack some monsters!

Finn: Good idea, homie! *Finn and Jake goes upstairs as they fight monsters.-

Finn: Hey peacock! Your mama just called! She said your grounded! -smashes the peacock onto the ground-

Jake: Hey, Ball People! Would you like a bounce? -kicks them repeatedly-

Finn: Hey, Mountain Cliffer King.

Mountain Cliffer King: Why hello there!

Finn: You're corrupt! -Kicks him and his people-

Jake: Woah! Look! A Hot Hen! -Fire Chicken turns around as Jake punches him in the butt-

Finn: Looks like we're at the top floor! And one last... Hamster? Lets kick his butt!

Hamster: ROAR! -Finn and Jake fights the Hamster but keeps get beaten up.-

Finn: Alright! We surrender! We're gonna go..

Hamster: Wait! I want some company!

Jake: Im leaving.. -leaves the room-

Finn: Aww... Its ok Hamster. I know exactly the right person! -gets phone from bag- Hey TT.. Want a huge hamster pet? Really? Ok! Bye. Hamster, you're gonna have an owner

-screen switches to TT and Pig's house-

Finn: Bye!

Jake: Take care!

Hamster: Bye guys! Good luck!

Jake: Hey, Finn, lets go make Candy Tavern People explode, huh?

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