Everyone are inside Lazy Bone's house, chatting, as they go inside his rocket ship (thought to be a car by F and J.).

Finn: WOOHOO! Cant beleive we're actually going to another land, other than OOO! Yahoo!

Marceline: Yah... Cant wait to reach the sun.

Leonard: Mhm.. Me too! Need to take pics. Thang' im immune to sunlight.

Marceline: Shaddup..

Finn and Jake: Wait... THE SUN?!?!

PB: Mhm... And we are riding Lazy Bones rocket right now.

Lazy Bones: Yep... Leaving for the sun in five minutes.

Flashback form..

Finn: Cant wait to go to another land.

Jake: Yeah.. Me too.

The wind flips the page while the two are talking

Finn: Alright, Let us sign!! -They sign the page, thinking that they are signing a trip to another land-

In real form....

Finn and Jake: .... Aaaaaaaaaaaaaagh!!!!!!!!!!! We dont even have any suits!

Lady Rainicorn (translated): Wow.. Lucky luck. I brought extra two.

Finn (to Jake): What did she say?

Jake: She brought extra two suits.

Finn: Math!

LSP: Lump up and change!

Jake puts on his suit, while Finn takes off his shirt and trousers and puts it on.

LB: Prepare for take off!!!!

They are in the middle of space. Leonard is reading the newspaper and LSP is texting.

LB: Yo, Lumpipe, stop texting in the middle of space!

LSP: Lump off, mum. And dopint lumping call me 'Lumpipe', you bone head.

Marceline: Dont say such things to my creation! -Marcy grabs LSP's phone and throws it out of the window-

LSP: -gasps and makes a Phil Face and faints-

Screen is pitch black. Black fades revealing LSP's vision of her friends (except for LB) whispering, and worrying.

LSP: Ugh..

Marceline: I think she's awakening..

Leonard: You got that right..

LSP: -Stands up and wrestles Marcy-

Finn (Flying): Halt!

LSP: What in the... How are you floating?!

LB: We're on Anti-Gravity form.

LSP: Oh... -Gets punched by Leonard in the chest-

Leonard: Brat!

LSP: Quit it! Leonard! -gasps in amazement and points a big donut in space- Oh my glob... I sure widh I have my cell right now..

A loud thundering bang and the ship is shaking

Finn: What the...

Jake: EQ!! Hehehe.. Diapers.

PB: Shush!

LR (translated): Lazy Bones, what was that?

LB: I dunno.. Lemme go check.. You know... Smooth things over. -He goes out and checks the roof and sees a Space Owl- Glosh! -He goes inside the ship- Shush.. Space Owl.. Stay where you are. Space Owls are very territorial.

They all do so, but LSP had enough.

LSP: Ugh! Stupid big-eyed motherlumper! Im going out and give it a piece of my lumpicine. -She goes out but gravity pulls her back in OOO.- LUMP!!!!!

Finn: LSP!! -sighs- Huh? Yah hear that meow? The Space Owl is gone!

Maceline: Finally... I was gunna barf.

Leonard: Hey, LB.. You got any cola?

LB: Barf that, I do, butlets get back in the sun trip.

Jake's phone rings

Jake: Hunh? Hey, my phone! LB, stop this engine! -Gets phone-

LSP (In OOO): Oh my glob, you guys! I'm back here in OOO! So please bluetooth me the pic of the sun!

Jake: Sure... (Hangs up) She said this: Bleep blop bloop blap bleep bloop bla bla bla Bluetooth my the pic of the sun.

PB: Its the sun!

Leonard: Finally...

They all put on their sun glasses, but Marceline puts her hat, sun glasses, and gloves, then, they all took their phones and pictures it.

Marceline: Heres a little make up lumpipe.. -sends a pictureof the sun to LSP-

LSP (In OOO): Where the lump are the pictures! -A picture pops up: its the sun. And there is a caption saying: Lumpipe, sincerely yours, Marceline.- IM NOT LUMPIPE!!!! But waitta go sun.

LB: Hahaha.. Lets all go back in OOO... It'll be safe.


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