after the kiss pb was still there but still 13 and one other thing was she was human. pepermint butler said"no, you werent supose to kiss, if you do that she becomes what she is at heart."finn and pb said "WHAT." finn then said "oh glob we are going to be here for 5 years."then a bright light apeared and a man with silvery hair was there saying "no, you are not" everybody asked who he was. the man replied with "silverbane, and i am also from about 1 year in the future."pb said "well what are you going to do." silver replied with"break you out and kill lemongrab." finn and pb said "what!" silver said" in the future he becomes a dictator" and finn and pb said "okay: silver said "now lets come up with a plan." silver then got to thinking. he then said "a-ha! i have a idea" pb and finn said "what is it" silver siad "we will use this bazooka" silver then pulled out a bazooka. silver said"i forgot i had this" he then pulled out a screwdriver-like device and used it to unlock the cell door. pb then said"you are traveling with someone arn't you" silverthen said "yes. how did you know" pb then said "there is a slight shimmery haze by you" silver then said "bonnie come out" the haze dissapeared and there was a 18 year old version of pb's old candy form in place of the haze. finn and pb(13) were wondering how is his possible.silver then said "bonnie and i are outside of time. a accedint with a large hadron collider caused us to be immune to changes in the past" pb(18) said "wait what do we call the younger me and i' silver said "lets callthe 18 year old pb bonnie and the other pb we will call pb."

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