"To Live Is To Die"
Season Zero, Episode Four
[[Image:To Live Is To Die|center|242px]]
Production code: 4
Airdate: June 27, 2000 Never
Director: Bankaibuddy15
Story: Bankaibuddy15
Written &
storyboarded by:
"Throw Away The Children"
To Live Is To Die is an episode about Marceline experiencing a downside to her immortality. I don't know all that happens yet.


When Old Man Henchman dies, Marceline begins to reflect on all the friends she's lost over the centuries due to her immortality. She decides to try to find a way to become mortal with the help of Finn and Jake.


  • TBA



  • The episode is titled after an instrumental peice by Thrash Metal act Metallica from their album "...And Justice For All." The song was written as a tribute to their fallen bassist Cliff Burton who died in a crash.
  • In this episode, we see how Marceline became a Vampire.
  • We see Marceline's mother for the first time in this episode.

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