Name Thetis
Gender Female
Species Water Elemental
Occupation Nymph
Introduced In The Great Mushroom War

Thetis was first introduced in The Great Mushroom War as one of the enemies in the story. She encountered Fabian and Inngrid and first seduced Fabian into becoming one of her minions but Inngrid fought her and defeated her.


She has a blue skin and red eyes. She has long loose blue hair that is also actually water. She has light purple lips that seem if they were frozen. She wears dark-blue plates over her breasts and a purple cloth over her bottom. The rest of her body is merged with the water, as when she was underwater her legs appear from random spot from the water.


As a water elemental she has water related abilities. She can merge with the water, as she does with her legs, but is also able to do that with other limbs. She can fire water blasts from her hands and although it is water is can do very much damage. And because she is also a Nymph she can seduce her male opponents into becomming one of her minions. She has done this with several minions as they were seen lying on the bottom of the ocean.

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