"Their First Adventure"
Season 2, Episode 28
Director: DarKingdomHearts
"Enchanted War"

"Their First Adventure" is the episode of season 2 of DKH's Episodes.


Finn and Jake's first adventure together.


Finn reached the age of twelve and was allowed to go on his first adventure. He went along with his brother Jake. Joshua and Margaret cared for their lunch and weapons and wished them good luck. Finn and Jake asked if Jermaine would come along too but he refused.

Finn and Jake headed out and Jake suggested to visit the Candy Kingdom. Upon arrival they meet up with Lady Rainicorn. Lady then guides them to Princess Bubblegum, when Finn sees PB he immediately falls in love with her. They chat for awhile and head home again. The next day Finn and Jake are out in the Grassland, Finn  was taking a nap while Jake was meditating. Finn asked why he was doing that and Jake says he connected with the Wifi and downloaded a cool song which they danced on. Finn and Jake then see Lady flying by crying and follow her.

The boys tried to talk to herbut Lady entered the Ice Kingdom and fought with Ice King. Finn looked through his binoculars and told this, Jake looked and saw PB trapped. Ice King was zapping at Lady and told Gunter to entertain PB. Gunter did a silly dance for her, but it didn't amuse her. Finn and Jake slided down the hill and bashed into penguins which they used as snowboards. They were down and encountered an Iceclops and a Snow Golem that they fought by throwing snowballs. They also encountered a Fire Elemental which they gave the directions to the Fire Kingdom and threw snowballs at him.

They go up to Ice King's lair and Finn fight the Ice King while Jake and Lady chat and begin to flirt with each other. Ice King freezes Finn who then has a talk with Abraham Lincoln on Mars and returns back to break out of the ice. Ice King runs away with PB so Finn, Jake and Lady chase him while Gunter stays behind disappointed. Finn takes PB and gets caught by Lady while Jake punches off IK's crown who then falls down in the snow. Gunter walks up to him and IK blames him for this. The four land in the Grasslands and PB gives Finn a kiss. Finn then excited wants to leave although Jake wants to stay. Finn says they must go on their next adventure, Jake comments there is no adventure but Finn points to the Ninjas stealing the Old Man's diamonds. They then do a bro-fist and go on adventure.


Main CharactersEdit

Minor CharactersEdit


  • This story is based an the Animated Short of Adventure Time.
  • This is the first time Jermaine is seen psychially.
  • Snail is seen on the background of Ice King's lair when Ice King runs away with Princess Bubblegum.
  • The Tree Fort is seen on the background in the Grasslands, it is possible that at that time Marceline and Ash still lived there.
  • As in "Autotune", Jeremy Shada's voice was digitally modified to sound identical to how it sounded in early season one.
  • The title card was shown the 2010 Cartoon Network studios logo and the copyright information below of the title.

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