The world of five is a large chamber room that connects five worlds together

Connected worldsEdit

  • Adventure time world
  • Regular show world
  • Amazing world of gumball world
  • My little pony (friendship is magic) world
  • Bo Bo Bo Bo Bo Bo world


The chamber world is a 100ftx100ft chamber that connects Theese five worlds together. Each portal has a different color, AT portal is blue, RS world portal is green, AWOF portal is orange,MLP poratl is purple, and bo Bo Bo portal is yellow. The rest of the chamber remains unknown.


Lenged has it that at the center of the chamber there is a star hole carving that you must put the star crystal in the slots, however, the fragments of the star crystals are hitten in the five worlds one piece each world. The event of this success remains unknown.


If the chamber were to fall (be destroyed) the five worlds will end in a massive explosion. It is said that every evil being from each world were to ban together and destroy the chamber will create the fall, it is the only way.

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