Remember that After Finn is rejected by Princess Bubblegum, Jake searches for another girl for him, eventually journeying to the court of the Fire Kingdom to win its Flame Princess. Finn attempts to prove to Jake that Flame Princess isn't evil while trying to win her heart. A week Finn finishes building Flame Princess' new house, which Flame Princess loves. So Jake wraps Finn in tin foil and when he is finished, Finn and Flame Princess hug, and Jake smiles oddly. Two day Finn whispers, "Inspiration," and starts writing. Then Princess Bubblegum shows up and says but he was angry with her, he's done, and leaves. She's stabilized. We're safe.. for now. Finn then kisses a rock, and holds it out to Flame Princess who also kisses the rock (it smokes a little bit) to symbolize them "kissing." The two walk off, and as this happens Princess Bubblegum sighs sadly and whispers.

The last episode of season 4 is "The Lich" without using the character of Princess Bubblegum. Will put the new opening of Adventure Time Season 5, Finn and Flame Princess is right, forever.

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The rain sadding

Sometimes when I saw this in the rain seemed sad stories rained in what he says to a person were to get wet in late and sad to leave in the deceased and others stayed there for rain in the story in their spirit and It is called the rain of sadness.

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