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At a castle far, far away in the land of ooo..

Finn was dancing up and down the stone staircase with his friend, Jake the dog. "HAHA!! I LOVE DANCING UP AND DOWN THE STAIRCASE!!" Finn screamed so loudly it caused in echo. Jake stretched out to Finn and said, "Dude, remember, we're on a mission to save the Techno Princess!" Finn's eyes lit up purple. "JAKE WE'RE HAVING SO MUCH FUUUUNNN!! JOIN ME, JAKE, JOIN MEEE!!!!" Finn yelled in a drunk manor. Jake shook his head. "Aw man, Finn, have you been drinking those party fuzzes?" Finn laughed. "YEAH!!!" Jake patted Finn's head. "Tsk Tsk Tsk, Finn. Come on, you remember what Mom said about drinking, right?" Finn paused. "Oh. I remember. Sorry, dude. I was bein' crazy." Jake laughed. "That's alright , Finn. Come on, we're almost there to the top of the tower.

As the two got up to the tower, they saw a strange demon who had extremly flamey eyes. "Woah, Finn, check this guy out! He's all green with huge eyes!" The techno princess was tyed up to a barbeque forced to watch the lamest show, "Exploring the Dinosaurs." "HELP, FINN AND JAKE, HELP!! I HATE WATCHING BORING STUFF, MAKE IT STOP!!" Finn gasped. "Jake, you go get the fire demon and i'll help the princess!" Jake shook his head. "On it, dude." Finn kicked the demon in the head and ran over to the princess. "Are you alright, prince- oh, uhh!" The Techno princess stopped. "What is it, Finn? What is it?" Finn looked disgusted. "It's just that you're freakin' ug- Beau-ti- fullll!" The techno princess blushed. "Oh, oh. Thank you Finn..." Finn snapped out of it and took out his sword. "I won't hurt you, princess. YAAAH!!" The rope got cut in half and the princess fell to the ground. Jake punched the demon as he tried to eat his fist. "You're goin' down, Demon!!" He punched the demon and he fell to the ground. Then, something strange happened. "Commencing area code 111-119-134538" Said the techno princess as she got up. Then the demon got up and said, "Commencing dimension code 111-113-21243"

Finn's eyes bulged as he started to creep back slowly with Jake. "Uh, Finn, what's going on?" Finn shook his head. "I dunno. Hey guys! What are you doing!" The Techno princess ignored finn and started to open her laptop. Jake gasped. "This was a trap!!" The princess showed the screen of the computer to the demon, and then the demon started to gulp. The demon blasted fire at the screen and then Finn and Jake got sucked into the laptop. "AHHH!!" Finn and Jake yelled.

Then in a tottally pixilized world, Finn and Jake looked at each other. "Woah, Finn, were pixilized!" Then a strange voice came. "And you're going to stay that way, too!"


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