This is the series finale of my fanseries.

Episode SummaryEdit

Finn and Jake break the wierdness crystal and unleash total wierdness!


Finn and Jake are walking around with Fionna when they see a cave. "Hey, I think I see something glowing in there!" Fionna exclaims, and she runs in. Finn and Jake go in after her and see a cystal on a pedestal. Tubes are attatched to it, and stuff is coming out. A man in wierd clothing is sitting next to it, shouting commands. "I order you create... an apple monster!" An apple monster comes out of it. "Woah, that is way cool!" Finn says, and walks up to the man. "Hey, guy, who are you?" The man is frightened and falls out of the chair. "What, where- how did you get past the gaurds?" It then cuts to two skeletons wearing armor, with weapons. "It... was pretty easy." Finn answers. The man explains, "I am Dr. Wally Beller, a scientist who has discovered this, the wierdness crystal. I use it to make what you think is made from mutation. I make theskeleton butterflies and sign monsters. I was the creator of the demonic wishing eye!" Jake sttetches his arm to touch it and taps it. "Stop, only my hands can hold it!" He wiggles his gloved hands. The crystal tips over, and falls on to the ground. It breaks in four peices and a flash of light teleports everyone. "What have yoou doooooo-ooooood uooy evah tahw?" He yells, probably infected by the wierdness. "Finn!" Jake says, turned into a chicken. "I'm scared- bubawk!" He flies away, but Finn grabs him. "Come on, Chicken Jake, we need to fix the crystals!" One cystal peice was on the ground. "One down down down, 100 minus 98 to go!" Jake says now a pig. "Jake, Princess Bubblegum may be able to help us!" They both run the the Candy Kingdom, whitch is now a playground. Princess Bubblegum is on the giant jungle gym. "PB, why is Finn not being wierdified?" Jake asks. "It's really complicated. You see, the wierdness crystal was made 500 years ago in human era. Humans made it to where if broken, it would only affect animals and other things, and not humans. So Finn is the only one ammune to it!" Suddenly everything turns into a giant spiral. "Oh no, a whirlpool!" A shark jumped out and flew in the air. A crystal suddenly fell from a cloud. "Yes, two more until- bobobobobobbobobobobbobobob!" Jale started shaking around, and then turned into a compass. "Oh no, I'm involuntarily shape-shifting!" He pointed his arrow at the Ice Kingdom. "Thanks, Jake!" He ran to the Ice Kingdom. Peppermint Butler then came down a slide, as a demon. "This is awesome!" He screetches.  At the Ice Kingdom, Gunther is trying to eat the third part of the crystal. "Zibby, zabby, zoobidy zap." Ice King sings, as a tiny Oompa Loompa. Finn and Jake jump in the window, with Jake now a cookie. "Gunther, don't eat that!" Finn laughs, and he takes it from Gunther. They then see Dr. Beller, as a giant monster. "HAHAHA! 480 years ago, I was created by the cystal! I could change from two forms! First I unhid my cave from under ground to lure you in! Then I purposely turned my gaurds to skeletons to make it easy for you two get in! Then I decided to make it to where if you touched it, it would be automatically tipped over! And finally, as a bonus, I trapped your sister in a cage!" A cage appeared with Fionna in it. "Finn, help! He wants to turn me ito a bird, or spaggeti or something!" Finn got out his sword. "What? You're human?! I thought you were human-oid! Darn! Time for your sister to be wierdafied-" Fionna took out a crystal and threw it to Finn. "How did you-" The monster started, but Finn had already gotten the crystal together. "Ha, that is no use now! The only way to fix it and bring everything back in the crystal, you must say, "From wierd to normal, crystal now, bring in the wierdness zowie wow!" He was sucked back in the crystal, along with a few other things. "Hey, something wierd happened!" Fionna said. "All the wierd stuff we met from other adventures are gone! We can celebrate- with a Super Adventure Party!" Every character was invited, from Ice King to Beemo. At 12:00, everyone gathered around, and Finn sayed to the audience, "See ya' later,everyone!" Cuber, in a time pod, said, "We will all see you FLIPPIN' the diode!" Beemo walked up and said, "This fanfiction may be over, but Adventure time isn't! We might change, but remember what Jay T. Dawgzone always says..." Jake finished him by saying, "He says, "Change is part of life and TV!" See you all later, on-" Everyone yelled...


THE END!!!!!!!

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