Episode Summary Edit

Finn and Jake fall into a portal and enter the Regular Show universe.


Finn an Jake were racing each other to The Candy Kingdom. They went into the lab and saw a machine. "Hey, Finn, this says, "Don't touch". Maybe we should leave it alone." Jake said to his buddy. "Wait Jake, maybe if we use it, we can make sure it's safe! If not, PB wo uld be right!" Jake shrugged and pressed the button. It shot open a portal, and they were sucked in! "FIIIN! PRiiiincess BUBBLEGUM was RIIIIGgght...." They crashed through the roof of a house. When Finn opened his eyes, he saw a bluejay and a racoon. "Hey, dudes, are you alright?" The bluejay said. Finn and Jake got up. "Yeah, were alright, umm.." The racoon said, "I'm rigby, that's Mordekai!" Rigby was going to show them Dig Champs when Benson walked in, mad. "What are you two idiots doing? Why does the roof have a hole in it? Who are these guys?" Finn and Jake walked over to Benson. "Listen, buster, we just fell from the sky on our backs! I think we deserve some respect!" Jake said. Benson replied surprised, "Okay, you can stay here until you can find a way home. But Mordekai and Rigby still have to fix the roof, and you two can help, since you need a job." Jake got some wood and nails and stretced his hand into a hammer and nailed some in. "Ow, ow, ow.." When they were done, Mordekai and Rigby took them inside to play Dig Champs (New 4 player game). "Did you two slack off again and.." Benson was cut off by Finn. "We already fixed it!" Benson walked out of the room for a second and came back with a big box. "Mordekai, Rigby, since this is the first time you have done your work, i'm giving you this." Rigby excitedly ripped it open and saw a pinball machine! "I hope you like it, I bought it two weeks ago hoping for the day you would impress me!" Finn and Jake went over to the pinball machine. "Hey, dudes, the machine says PB. That means Princess Bubblegum!" Rigby looked at it. "It has something on the bottom of it!" He exclaimed. Jake used his strong arm to turn the thing upside down. "It's a buttton, with the words "F&J, pease press! Princess Bubblegum made this!" Finn and Jake were about to press it when it started to shake. It turned upside-up, and a spirit came out of it. "You too have found the secret button! You must first defeat me to go home!" Mordekai used the vacume to suck him in. It was on high, so it sucked in all the trash on the ground too. Benson came in and saw the clean floor. "Wow, today you two are awesome! Here, you two can have the tickets to the Video Game Festival I stole from you!" Mordekai and Rigby werw both happy for the reward and mad that he stole it, but mostly happy. "Goodbye, Mordekai and Rigby! Have fun with the video games!" They pressed the button and another portal opened up, sending them home. When they landed in the lab, Princess Bubblegum was waiting. "AAAH! Please don't destory us!" Jake cried. Princess Bubblegum laughed, "You sillies, I was testing my Universe Portal Machine (UPM), and I knew you two wouldn't resist using it!" Finn then asked, "But how was your pinball machine in that world?" Princess Bubblegum answered, "Oh, I went to that universe just two days ago, built it in an hour, then sold it to the gumball machine!" Finn and Jake had jumped out the window, and PB waitched them run home.


  • This is a crossover of Adventure Time and Regular Show.
  • Jake hammering the nails is a reference to the episode Dungeon.
  • Dig Champs is from the Regular Show episode Death Punchies.
  • Mordekai using the vacume against the spirit is a reference to Ghostbusters.
  • PB, for Princess Bubblegum, may also stand for Pin Ball.

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