Chapter 1: The Sign of Darkness

Finn and Jake are playing video games when Princess Bubblegum crash-lands through the roof on her swan. She runs down and says, "The Lich! He will rise again and emerge Ooo in darkness! *Breaves heavily...*" Finn sits her down and asks her what it is. "I anylized the land with my Super Ooo Lich Detector and found a small red death speck! Something evil may grow into DEATH!" Finn yawns. "Oh, Princess, we can just track it down and beat it up!" Jake gets up from the couch. "Can we just maybe send someone else to do it?" Finn ignores the lazy Jake and walks outside with Princess Bubblegum to talk more. Jake slowly drones outside ignoring a small snail. The snail has glowing red eyes and has a devilish smile. "Hello, Beemo,," He says to him, "Can you help me?" Beemo stares at his eyes and his screen starts to flash, and then his eyes glow a simular red. "Yes, Master Lich, I am your eternal helper bot." The snail smiles and leads him through a path, up the hill, and into the Candy Kingdom.

Chapter 2: The Lich STRIKES!

Princess Bubblegum, Finn and Jake all run in to the lab to find something wrong. "Oh, NO! My invention, the Person Power Pump, has been stolen! It can take anyone's soul, maybe the evil death speck, and raisee it's power to infinity!" She takes out her Navigation Helmet and jumps on her swan. "I will search through the cloudlands while you two heroes search through the kingdoms!" With that she flies into the sky! Meanwhile, The Snail and Beemo are still heading to thier next location: The Ice Kingdom! The machine, the P.P.P. needs charging. "Beemo, Ice King has lightning bolts in his secret room!" Beemo nodded. "Yes, master, he does!" They both broke through the window of the kingdom and saw Finn and Jake! The Snail kept the contraption hidden and ran with Beemo. "Ice King, did you take the P.P.P.?" Finn yelled. "Finn, what does that even mean? I did not steal what that is so you failed!" Ice King flings them out so he can rest with Gunter. "Beemo, look, it is the lightning!" He exclaims. Beemo gets him two lightning bolts from the box. "Thanks, now now goodbye!" He zaps him with one and hops onto a bird's back. Beemo's screen starts to flash again and he forgets everything staring at the snail's red eyes being played by Finn and Jake and waking up in the Kingdom. Chapter 3: Lich, we meet again!

Finn and Jake take a break after after looking all over Ooo. They now are taking naps while not noticing Beemo is missing. Someone knocks on the door and Finn gets up to see who it is. The Ice King was standing there with Beemo in his hand. "I found Beemo at my house. He just keeps buzzing!" He drops him on the floor and flies off with his beard. Beemo just buzzes, "Snaiaiaial... Lichichiich...... revenenengeeee!" Finn and Jake take him to Princess Bubblegum for help. "I think this is connected with The Lich!" She explains in her lab. "Snail, Lich, Revenge! It means The Snail is the Lich getting REVE-" Suddenly a big thing bursts through the wall. "It is I, the LICH! I hypnotised Beemo to do my bidding until he was used up!!!" Finn gets angry and jumped at him with his sword. He jabs it into the Lich's skull and a wierd ghost fog floats out towards Princess Bubblegum! She grows into a huge monster!

Chapter 4: I'm A Killa'!

Finn knows he needs to get someone smart. Someone like BEEMO! "Finn, my calculations show that we need to knock her down with something big!" He says. They head to the Ice King to help us. "Okay, buds, I'll make a big Ice block to trip my girl. But I want something in return!" They all agree to it. Ice King goes to Candy Kingdom Center and started freezing a big block! The Giant Bubblegum walks into the trap and trips into a pit. "Healing time!" Finn pours the antidote into the pit, and in a few minutes normal Princess Bubblegum pops out! "You really helped! Wait, what is Beemo doing?" Beemo's screen buzzes and the Lich's face apears. "Hello, it is time to unlease the Power Bomb, that will kill everyone!" Beemo's screen shows a timer: 3! 2! 1! "AAAAAAAAH!" They all scream!

Chapter 5: The Real Deal!

Beemo's screen showed a huge explosion, and the story ended. "Wow, Beemo, that is an amazing story! It's like it actually happened!" Jake exclaimed. Finn shrugged. "Actually, that was a REMAKE of yesterday's adventure. We stopped the bomb, and you fainted. We still have a favor to give to Ice King, though." Jake sighed. "No, Finn, pink, red and green!" Finn finished painting the puppet. Jake got in the bottom while Finn went on the top. "Hello, Puppet Princess! Will you marry me?!?!" Finn tirely moaned, "YES, I do!" Ice King happily flew his 'wife' and him to thier honeymoon. "Good thing we have this universal puppet controller, right?" Jake said. Finn yawned. "Lucky how?"



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