"The Thief"
Season 1, Episode 2
The Thief Title Card
Production code: 1011-15
Airdate: December 21st 2014
Director: xXStarFliesXx
Story: Maple Panda
Written &
storyboarded by:
Maple Panda
"Gum N Sauce"
"Twas The Fight Before Christmas"

"The Thief" is the  is the second episode in the first season of "MP's Episodes". It is the second episode overall.


A thief begins to circulate around Ooo stealing people's things and possessions. Finn and Jake try to find out who it is, and are shocked to see who.


The episode begins with Finn and Jake playing a video game on BMO. Jake wins, and then begins to rub it in Finn's face. Finn annoyed, states that he'll always have tomorrow to beat Jake. Jake asks him what if BMO was gone (Much to BMO's horror), and Finn responds that he won't be. All three of them then proceeded to go to bed.

Finn then opens his eyes to see that nearly everything in there room was gone. He walks downstairs, where everything else was also mysteriously missing, including BMO. Rapidly and annoyed, he wakes Jake up, asking why he did stole everything. Jake responds he didn't take a thing, and Finn, horrified, tells Jake about how they're room was deserted. They both begin to look around for clues, and proceed to go outside to find clues. After a while of searching, they hear a shriek from the Candy Kingdom. Jake states that it sounded like Princess Bubblegum, but Finn responds that he doesn't want to see her after what happened last week. Jake begs him to go in and see, and Finn finally agrees. Finn and Jake enter the castle, to once again hear the same scream, which is revealed to be Princess Bubblegum. She see's Finn, and is very suprised to see him. He annoyedly responds with an simple "hi". After a moment of silence, Jake finally breaks it and asked Bonnibel what was wrong. She responds that some rooms in her castle have been robbed, and she's panicking.

Finn then rolls his eyes and proceeds to leave, but Jake grabs Finn and asked him if he can stop holding a grudge against her. Finn responds that he is still mad about what happened, and Jake responds that maybe if they help Bonnibel, they'll find out who the culprit was. Finn finally agrees, but tells Jake he won't help PB if she's in trouble. Jake shrugs, and walks over to PB with Finn.

As they walked down the the hall, Princess Bubblegum began to talk about how her subjects are panicking over the same reasons of robbery. She then stops them in their path, pointing at a small torn patch of a grey cape on a lollipop post. She stated that it must belong to the culprit. She sends Finn and Jake home, telling them she'll run some DNA tests to see if it was one of the Candy people and tells them she'll call them back when the results are in. The two then leave. The scene then changes back to the tree fort, where the boys are trying to figure out who it was. Finn suggested it was probably Marceline. Jake agrees, and they both head over to Marceline's. When they arrive to her house, Finn breaks down the door, and they both see Marceline hovering above her couch strumming her bass. She quickly gets angry and asks them what they were trying to do. The two start accusing her of thievery. Marceline, confused, asked them what the heck they were talking about. They both yell at her to 'admit she robbed the houses and the castle'. Marceline, still confused, tells them she was in the Nightosphere last night visiting a old friend of hers. Finn and Jake, both embarrassed, apologized for accusing her. They both proceed to leave, but she stops them telling them that when she came back someone actually was stealing some of her stuff, and she scared them out, but she didn't know who it was. All she knew was that the thief had orange hair and was stubby and short. Finn and Jake then left the house, thanking her for her clue.

Just as they leave, they receive a call from Princess Bubblegum. Jake answers, since Finn refused to talk to her. Princess Bubblegum on the other line, tells them she has a DNA match, but it wasn't a candy person. She tells them to come over pronto. They then head in the direction for the Candy Kingdom.

When they arrive, Princess Bubblegum tells them that the piece of clock belonged to a young girl named Penny, which lives in the City Of Thieves. Finn and Jake, surprised, declare they know her, and instantly leave to find her.

As they walk, they pass by the Ice Kingdom, where they see the Ice King, flipping out, throwing ice at someone in a cloak. Finn and Jake shrug, and go to see what was happening. When they arrive, the Ice King notices them, and asked them to save Gunther from an thief. Finn and Jake in shock, yell Penny, and chase after her. After they loose her, they're near the Pizza Kingdom, where they hear somebody yell from the top of the castle. Finn panicking, tells Jake that Pizza Princess may be in trouble, and they both run to the castle. They then enter the hall, where a short girl in a cloak holding a small crown runs down the hall. Finn and Jake both turn around, just as Pizza Princess joins beside them. Happy to see Finn and Jake, she asks them to help her chase after an orange haired girl to retrieve her crown. Finn and Jake respond that they know who it is, and they are chasing after her. Finn then adds he doesn't want her getting hurt, and asks her to stay behind. She responds ok, but is clearly a little upset she can't join the adventure.

As Finn and Jake run down the path, they finally catch up to Penny. They call her name and yell at her stop. She yells back that 'this was her revenge for them turning her clean'. Jake then stretches out his arm, and tears off her cloak, letting all the items fall out and causes her to topple over, buying them some time.

Jake picks all the items using his stretching powers, while Finn picks up Penny. The scene then changes back go the tree fort, where Finn is laying on the couch. Jake comes back, telling Finn he dropped off all the stolen items to they're respectful owners. Jake then asks Finn what he did with Penny. The scene then changes to Penny covered in junk tied up in a dark garbage can. The scene then changes to a mutant garbage man picking up the garbage can, and throw it in a garbage truck, causing Penny to shriek out "Finnnnnn!" The scene changes back to Finn, and he responds he left her in "good hands".


Major characters

Minor charactersEdit


  • This episode marks the first time Marceline made an appearance in the series.
    • This marks Penny's first appearance also.
  • It is revealed that Marceline has an "old friend" which supposedly lives in the Nightosphere.
  • It is revealed Princess Bubblegum still likes Finn, even after the events of "Gum N Sauce".

Episode connectionsEdit

  • This episode connects often to the events of "Gum N Sauce".

Production Notes Edit

  • This episode was originally suppose to take place much later in the series, but it was pushed up to the second episode.


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