"The Suitor (Episode in fanfiction)"
Season 5, Episode 21
Production code: 1014-130
Airdate: May 13, 2013
Director: Nate Cash (supervising)
Nick Jennings (art)
Story: Patrick McHale
Kent Osborne
Pendleton Ward
Steve Little
Jesse Moynihan
Written &
storyboarded by:
Jesse Moynihan
Thomas Wellman
"Ice King Gives Up"
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"The Suitor" is the twenty-first episode in the fifth season of Adventure Time. It is the one hundred and twenty-fifth episode overall.


A suitor named Braco tries to win the heart of Princess Bubblegum with whatever it takes, even as she ignores his feelings. A man who pursues a relationship with a particular woman, with a view to marriage. Lord Grim is disguised Grand Vizier of Flame Princess and disguised name Fire Hot for the plan to Finn and Flame Princess marriage and he quit hero forever.


The episode begins with Lord Grim used possession a disguise of Grand Vizier, came and it worked. His diabolical plan when Flame Princess is requested a new Grand Vizier and they have protection for Finn. Very soon Flame Princess Burn to Princess Bubblegum and Grim will make the king of Candy Kingdom. Me Mow called his master: Master! “We have a rabid squirrel when where this princess' pretty?” he said “WHAT?!!! Princess Bubblegum invite to Finn and Jack? I have what to see”. Lord Grim use power darkness and seeing to Finn makes another shoe for his feet. Princess Bubblegum announces that it's time for the raffle, and that the winner is Finn, the prize is a sea lard. Lord Grim is a little angry, turn off power darkness and not matter. Lord Grim used disguise of Grand Vizier and fake named Fire Hot, he stair rising from the surface and he will visit the house of Flame Princess.

Peppermint Butler practicing dark magic in a tower of the Candy Castle to summon a demon called Ogdoad who holds the key to the Shadow Realm. Peppermint Butler uses Cinnamon Bun, who is tied upside-down above Peppermint Butler, as a vessel. Before Peppermint Butler can negotiate with Ogdoad, a Gumball Guardian grabs Peppermint Butler and tells him that he should find a suitor for Princess Bubblegum because she has been working too hard on her lab, that she needs to go out and socialize. The Gumball Guardian shows Peppermint Butler all the available suitors. Peppermint Butler refuses, saying that Princess Bubblegum won't date those "old bags." The Gumball Guardian tells him that he must try.

Peppermint Butler asks the suitors how long they've been waiting to court Princess Bubblegum. One of them said he has been there for 300 years. Then Peppermint Butler goes up to a young-looking suitor named Braco who says he was born to court the Princess Bubblegum and is the age of 21. Braco says he inherited his father's place in line after he died, sitting on his father's skeleton. Peppermint Butler then decides to give Braco a shot at courting the princess.

He introduces Braco to Princess Bubblegum as he asks her out. Princess Bubblegum declines, but Peppermint Butler says that she needs to get outside and do some reaserch on boys. Princess Bubblegum says that it is "way out of line" and that they are "donking up her research." Braco tells her that he loves her so much that it hurts. She tells him that it is infatuation, that the pain is a product of Braco overvaluing a projected imaginary relationship with her. Braco states that what he feels is real and tells her to meet him at the garden at night then jumps out. Princess Bubblegum accepts, but tells him that it is only for reasearch.

Carnival Kingdom Finn, Jake and Flame Princess had fun a lot in the Carnival, she look to Finn thought upset Princess Bubblegum. Jake then reveals in an outburst to Flame Princess that rejection to Finn, Flame Princess worried him and Finn took the hand of Princess Flame to not worry. Suddenly there was a new grand vizier is Fire Hot instead of Lord Grim disguised, He can apply to Flame Princess, Finn and Jake on resolution and told what to do the transformation has peculiar, green, butt-like face that can transform all of what is, the idea of transformation as just got three more to join, Finn and Princess married in wedding and who transform in decision: Finn became a Flame or Flame Princess became a human forever. Flame Princess agreed to care and Fire Hot took the suitcase flat.

As they were walking that night, Braco gives Princess Bubblegum a rose while she observes her device that she connected on his forehead. She says that she has what she needs "for now" and calls Morrow, flying her back to the castle.

The next day, Braco tries his grandfather's art of "peacocking," wearing his grandfather's suit and hat, to win the princess' heart. But she only responded by firing an X-ray gun at Braco then leaves.

While outside the house of Flame Princess Fire Hot talking with Finn, Jake and Flame Princess and he say the search of four materials of plane as there are to find out our plan for the materials to be together in the green face and ready to trasnformar. Flame Princess decided to make human “Finn, If I marry me, I do not want to do evil flame forever ere why your not the last human” they prepared, tomorrow we will find the materials to be together and do not tell anyone for you. Finn and Jake were going home, Flame Princess goodbye to their fate.

At her lab, Princess Bubblegum calls for Finn and Jake and asks them to get her a soul stone which is at the Vapor Swamps and gives them a map of its location. Later, Braco asks them for the map so that he could bring the stone to the princess and that she'll love him. Finn gives Braco the map, but states that "the road you're on leads to nowhere." and then Fire Hot came from Finn and Jake to look

Braco goes to the Soul Stone's location, encountering monsters and burning himself trying to get a key that opens the stone's "chest." Braco is then asked by The Beast why he stole his treasure. Braco says that it is for the one he loves. The Beast tells Braco to take the stone.

Back at the lab, Braco gives Princess Bubblegum the Soul Stone but she says that she doesn't need it anymore as she just finished programming a proper simulation of a soul and that it is much easier to manipulate than a real one. Braco returns to his room. In frustration, he smashes the Soul Stone and shoves his things then asks himself why Princess Bubblegum won't love him. Then a Gumball Guardian grabs him and brings him to Peppermint Butler, who is demanding Ogdoad to give him the key to the Shadow Realm. Braco decides to give up but Peppermint Butler offers to help him with Shadow Demon magic. In exchange for Ogdoad's freedom, he must turn Braco into a walking "love magnet." Ogdoad agrees but turns Braco into a three-legged monster.

Braco asks Peppermint Butler if he is now a walking "love magnet." Peppermint Butler says that he indeed paid the price and that he wants to have Braco's babies. Gratified, he runs back to the castle and into Princess Bubblegum's lab, who is discovered to have made a robot version of herself. Braco asks her if she loves him now. She explains that she does love him, however, it is the undifferentiated love she feels for all candy citizens and that she couldn't permit one of her citizens to suffer the way Braco did over her so she made him P-bot. He says he feels that it's wrong. P-bot kisses him and tells him that they should get out of the lab. Satisfied, Braco carries P-bot and jumps out of the lab, thanking Princess Bubblegum. She watches from the window as they make their way though the Candy Kingdom.

Peppermint Butler shows up and asks where Braco is. Princess Bubblegum explains that she knew Braco couldn't be happy without her so she built him a robo-wife. Peppermint Butler responded angrily, saying "You should have given him to me!" then slaps her.

Outside the house of Flame Princess they brought material one and take three, Flame Princess was thinking of her father and she's worried Finn; “I'm thinking your father if he discovers truth about weddings and transforms. Could do wrong?” Finn said to Flame Princess: “No, no one will go wrong. Is the solution goes into what we are family I have along”. While Finn, Jake and Flame Princess will be Carnival Kingdom again. Fire Hot entered the house, play a book, open the secret door, I go and start closed. Then he removed the disguise, down the stairs with Me Mow “Master. Already this listed?” and Lord Grim evil laugh: “Sure. Already, following plan”.


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  • Phil is in the cage behind Princess Bubblegum.
    Phil in the cage

    Phil in the cage

  • The oldest suitor mentioned says that he has been waiting for Princess Bubblegum for 300 years, indicating that she is much older than she looks. This is possible because she can modify her age by adding or taking away candy mass. It could also be possible that the suitors were waiting for previous candy monarchs.
  • At the end, the ending theme was changed to a song written by Jesse Moynihan which was intended to be put in the episode.

Cultural referencesEdit

Bobba fett helmet on the shelf

Boba Fett helmet on the shelf

  • The Suitor in The Adventure Time wiki.
  • When Peppermint Butler tries to summon the demon Ogdoad in the tower, there are four beings sitting around the triangle on the ground: an ox, an angel, an eagle and a lion. These allude to the symbols of the four evangelists (Matthew, Mark, Luke and John) of the Christian Bible.
  • Braco appears to have a mask resembling the one Boba Fett, from the Star Wars saga, wears on the shelf in his room.

Episode connectionsEdit

Peppermint butler does his ritual near the amber prison where lich was once locked

Peppermint butler does his ritual near the amber prison where the lich was once locked

  • Princess Bubblegum seems to be wearing the same glasses as seen in "Goliad."
  • The Guardian Angel from the episode "Dungeon" reappears near Peppermint Butler while he's summoning the demon.
  • Peppermint Butler performs the ritual to summon the demon right next to the amber where the Lich was imprisoned.
  • The book "Mind Games" returns from "Reign of Gunters."
  • The Hole the Lich made in the episode "Mortal Folly" remains in the tree in this episode.


  • When Braco said that he is the son of Logan, and the part when he asked PB to go on a date with him, the line on his shirt disappeared.
  • The position of Braco's teapot changes.

Production notesEdit

  • This episode had a guest animator.
  • This episode was originally named "PB is Working too Hard."

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