"The Problems Between Hunson Abadeer and Marsha"
Season 6, Episode 4
Airdate:  ???
Director: 06civic68pa
Story: 06civic68pa
Written &
storyboarded by:
"End of the Nightosphere"
"An Adventure Time Christmas"

"The Problem Between Hunson Abadeer and Marsha" is the fourth episode of season six of time Adventure time .


When Marceline dies, Marsha goes to the Lord of Evil (also called Hunson Abadeer), who happens to be Marsha and Marceline's dad, but soon regrets her decison. Things gets even more personal when Finn delivers insults between Marsha and Hunson.


The episode begins when the Dark Princess slashes a knife along Marceline 's neck. Finn yells her name. She collapses to the ground. Finn first thinks it is a joke. He tells her that he'll save her. He then yells for help. A bat flies to finn (it's marsha ). She turns into her vampire-like form. Finn shows Marsha the wounded body. Marsha then looks behind her. The sun was still up. she says she has no choice. She turns into bat form and flies into the sun. Finn then notices that Marsha forgot her sun hat, but then realizes that her dad (who was in Ooo at the time) might have one of her sun hats.

As Marsha flies in the sun, her wings start to burn up. She then flies to the building she and her friends just escaped from. She noticed the room where Hunson Abadeer stood alone. Marsha bumbs into the window. At first, they couldn't understand each other. Marsha then gets frustrated and hypotieses the Ice King to tell her dad what she was saying. Hunson believes her, so, Marsha turns into demon form and instructs her dad to hop on. He is confused at first, but Marsha says she can carry him. He then asks what happened to her. She says that it's only sun burn. In response, Hunson Abadeer puts a sun hat on her head. She flies back to Finn. When Finn asks why she brought Hunson Abadeer, she explains that he could help marceline. hunson then reminds Marsha that she can heal wounded bodies. She then remembers and heals Marceline. Hunson Abadeer then hugs Marceline.

Seeing this, Marsha soon regrets her decision. When Finn asks if she is okay, she turns into bat form and flies off. Finn, curious of why she ran off, he follows her to the cave where she is hanging from a tree. When he tries to get her down, he tries to tell Marsha that her dad might miss her. Marsha denies this. Finn reports back to Marceline. Marceline goes back to Finn and Jake, with no news. Jake tries to get a go on the matter, but comes back screaming. Finn tries again, only to find out that Marsha is mad at Marceline AND Hunson Abadeer.

Marceline flies around to a bench. when she looks, Marsha looks up and sees Marceline. When Marceline asks if she could sit next to her. Marsha doesen't mind, so Marceline plops herself down. Soon, Marceline and Marsha begin a conversation about the spot they were sitting in. Marsha only remembers that she only sat with her dad at this spot. Marceline, however, knows that her dad brought her, her mom, and Marsha (she was a baby) down to this spot. Marsha then remembers the ducks that were always around, making Marceline remember how she petted the ducks when her dad's back was turned. Marsha then admits that she had a duck friend she named "Pen". Both laugh then look at each other. They turn back to their younger selves as they sat on the bench.


  • It is revealed in this episode that Marsha was very close to Hunson Abadeer, and most likely is very hurt, when Marceline said Marsha was very close to her dad.
  • Throughout the episode, Finn and Jake refer to him as "Hunson."
  • Marsha was shown to bark in this episode.
  • This episode features Marsha's auto-tune voice.
  • All the characters say curse words.

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