The following is a transcript of the fanfiction episode The Problem Between Hunson Abadeer and Marsha for possible submission to Frederator. It is a work-in-progress and may change with opinion or new ideas of my own.


'NOTE: Where you see *BEEP* is supposed to be a censor bleep.'

(Opening theme is played)

Narrator (Voice of Olivia Olson): This is the story of a boy, a dog, two girls, the two girls' dad and how the Land of Ooo changed forever. We start our story here, in the Land of Ooo, formerly America. Here are our female leads and their guyfriends, a boy and his adoptive brother. This is when Marceline is nearly lost forever.

(Cut to the woods in Ooo, then to Marceline's face)


(Marceline collapses to the ground.)

Finn (kneeling down with blood over his arms): H...Hey...! Marcy...wake up...this isn't funny anymore...

(Finn looms over Marceline.)

Finn: Ahh...! H...hold on...! I have the first aid kit Jake gave me...! Be okay, Marcy!! I... I'll save you!! (throws his head up) MARSHA!!!!

(A bat flies to Finn. The bat turns into Marsha.)

Marsha: What?

(Finn shows Marsha the dead body. Marsha approaches Marceline's dead body.)

Finn: What do we do? (She hugs up Marceline's head to her chest and starts crying. After two minutes, Marsha steadily puts Marceline's head on the ground, stands up and looks at the sunlight.) Marsha (sighs): I have no choice. (Marsha into a bat and flies under the sun.)

Finn (turns around): Marsha! You forgot your sun... hat. Man! she ALWAYS forgets her sun hat. Oh, well. Her dad might have one of her sun hats.

(Marceline flies over to a bench. She notices Marsha sitting there.)

Marceline: Mind if I sit here?

Marsha: Um... go for it.

Marceline (sitting down): I guess you still remember this spot.

Marsha: Me too. But with you.

Marceline: What's your story of this place?

Marsha: Seriouslly, I really can't remember. I know that long ago, me and dad used to come here. It was mostly the time we spent alone... And you?

Marceline: Dad brought all of us here.

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