Ace: and were back!

Noel: dude, what are you wearing? A Fox tail on your butt, a fake halo on your head, a ripped beggar suit with a golden ring, gauntlets, and a belt, ripped jeans, purple cowgirl boots, a robin mask, and (XD) was with a toy wand your holding?

(Everyone laughed)

Ace: shut up! This is my disguise.

Russel: For?

Frost: For entertain the children at the street?

Ice king: for attracting the princesses? if it is, if you can borrow me for a second.

Noel: for joining the clown club that you hate so much?

Jane: For a costume party?

Ace: no, It’s for hiding from my mom that if she sees me, she taught that I’m a different person.

Marcy: and why were you hiding from her?

Ace: because she-

Jane: put you on a diaper?

Ace: … yes.

(everyone laugh)

Ace: HEY! It’s not funny ok!

Jane: blah blah blah. Are we gonna continue the game or what?

Ace: fine, let’s start from the beginning.

Finn: but, how about PB and Julian?

Ace: Those girls? There fine, they were qualify to the next round for answering one hundred question. So, they’ll wait until the 1st round is finish

Finn: what! Hey, no fair

Ace: yes fair. That’s rule #34. If he or she is too expert at the first round. Will be qualify to the next round.

Finn: what! Oh man.

Ace: ok, first question.

[First question – who is the world greatest adventurer in the world?]

(Finn swapped first)

Finn: mar-

(Suddenly, an audience stands at the chair)

Muscle man: HEY GUYS! You know who is the world greatest adventurer in the world?

Ace: if said your mom muscle man, I’ll kick you out to my show!

Muscle man: (…) MY MOM! *he takes off his shirt and swinging it around* Woohoo!

? Ace: banana guards! Get him out of my show!

(Muscle man ran at the exit door)

Muscle man: hey guys! *all of them face to muscle man* watch “regular show” to see Mordecai and Rigby the ultimate losers in the history and see me the Muscle man the handsome Guy in the show.

Rigby: what! You’re the loser muscle man!

Mordecai: yeah!

Muscle man: whatever you losers!


(He leaves)

Ace: thank you… Finn, you were saying?

Finn: Marco polo?

Ace: correct! You got one point

Finn: yes!

Noel: whatta? I thought your stupid at histories?

Finn: well, I’m not stupid at adventuring stuffs and etc. you Braniac. That’s why I’ve survived at this kind of round.

Noel: oh…

[2nd question – which is the most visited website in 2010?]

(Cyphor swapped first)

Cyphor: is it…

Ace: correct. 1 point.

[3rd question – who is the greatest hero in land of Ooo]

(BMO swapped first)

BMO: Finn and Jake!

Ace: wrong!


(Jack swapped)

Jack: is it Glob?

Ace: (……) well… actually the answer it’s not right. But I consider as a… yes

Kyle: good one jack.

Jack: thanks

Ace: the answer should be Billy. But glob, it’s ok.

BMO: but, Finn and Jake is the one of the heroes in Ooo

Ace: that’s the problem. I said “hero” not “heroes”

BMO: oh.

[4th question – answer 8364 x 45 – 536 + 1000 = ????]


Ace: anyone can answer this question?


Ace: anyone?

(FP swapped)

FP: is it… 376844?

Ace: well…* ace is computing the numbers at his calculator*… that’s correct!

Ann: WOW FP! how do you know the answer??

FP: I was using a flame code strategy.


[Meanwhile, Team scores]

Team 1 – Jack and Kyle = 5 points? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

Team 2 – Jake and Russel = 18 points (Jake is not at the show because of the violence that ace did but, he will come back at the next round)

Team 3 – Ice king and Frost = 3 points

Team 4 – Princess Bubblegum and Julian = Safe

Team 5 – BMO and Cyphor the cyborg = 20 points

Team 6 – Marceline Abadeer and Jane = 1 point

Team 7 – Flame princess and Ann = 1 point

Team 8 – Finn and Noel (a.k.a Me) = 7 points


Ace: wow team 2 and 5, your pretty darn good at this time. Is there something fishy about you two.

BMO and Russel: no, it’s nothing.


Message memory time!

? Frost: you know, there’s something fishy about those two teams. Because I’m an assassin. And assassin can feel any sight of danger. Except Jane trip over a rock and she fall. And jane grab me because she will prevent from falling. Then accidently, she kiss me on the lips. it happen last week … *blush* well! It’s not a sight danger you know! It’s just an accident.

Ace: Accidently in love right.

Frost: SHUT UP!

[secret message from team 2]

Russel: OK, you know that all the long that I make 18 points because I’m cheating. *evil laugh* I like the sound of cheating at my ears. I’ll gonna cheat at round 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7. Then I’ll gonna win $1,000,000! *evil laugh* this how I cheat at this round. I flip out my galaxy tab as known as iTouch. Then I’ll search at the Google, and answer that question. THIS IS THE PERFECT PLAN! *evil laugh*

[secret message from team 5]

BMO: Yey x3! I’m cheating, I’m cheating, cheating, cheating! Were gonna win this cyphor!

Cyphor: yes but, BMO you know that cheating is not fair to play a game.

BMO: how do you know much about cheating cyphor.

Cyphor: well, I don’t know much about cheating. But, cheating never win. We have to play fair BMO.

BMO: why? You want to win this game right?

Cyphor: yes but-

BMO: so, be quiet and follow my orders or will be the first to be eliminated at this first round.


Ace: ok, team 1, 2, 3, 5, and 8, go to the backstage with the team 4.

(The team 1, 2, 3, 5, and 8 goes at the backstage)

Ace: team 6 and 7. You’re the only two teams had the same points. that’s mean is a tie… here’s a gonna do. We gonna have a tiebreaker question. If one team answer this question, your safe. But, the losers will go outside and say goodbye to the precious prize. Understand

(they nodded)

Ace: ok…

[Tiebreaker question – what color is I thinking?]

FP: WHAT! How do we know the color that you thinking?

Ace: I don’t know? Hehehe…

(Jane swapped)

Jane: is it… *she looks at the direction of ace’s eyes* gold?

Ace: that’s correct! How do you know?

Jane: I know your facing at your golden gauntlets.

Ace: wow, how smart.

Jane: thank you.

Marcy: good job Jane

Ace: the team 6 is safe and qualify to the next round! Well, let’s us say the bad news about the team 7. FP and Ann, sorry. You can go now.

Ann: oh man, well at least it’s fun right FP.

FP: (…) yeah, your right.

(Suddenly, At the backstage. Finn gasped in surprised that flame princess was eliminated and she’s gonna leave. He runs at flame princess.)

Finn: Flame princess!

FP: hey Finn… well, see you later… I guess

Finn: FP… *sniff*

(Finn cried then he ran at flame princess and kiss her on the lips)

Warning: ok, we all know that FP is made of fire obviously. that Finn should burn his lips and FP goes down to the core which it happens at the episode called “burning low” Well, At the beginning, we put her an amulet of fire protection. It means if a fire elemental wear this amulet. She turns into a human. If you broken or you wore off the amulet. The magic will poof out.?


The lich: arrrrrgggghhhh!? MY OWN WEAKNESSfinn&jake (talk)!

(The lich self-destruct)

Ace: *sniff* gosh you guys. This is the saddest thing I ever seen… *he cry* I WANT MY MAMA!

Donny: that’s not love you jerks! (…) *he began to cry*

Neptr: yey! My father has a wife now.

Peppermint butler: I want PB as his girlfriend.

Lady Ranicorn (with a translator): that’s was wonderful you guys *sniff* I wish Jake is here to see this.

{Lady Rainicorn doesn’t know that ace put him at the freezer}

Princess cookie: *sniff*

Gunther: wenk

(At the backstage, all the other member teams except Me, Russel, BMO, and Cyphor cry. Suddenly, gunther pops out of nowhere)


Gunther: wenk wenk wenk!

Ice king: what do you mean I’m in danger?

Gunther: wenkkkk!

Ice king: I said what do you- *gasped loud* why are you wearing my demonic witching eye and you put a duct tape on your own baby at your back! BAD GUNTHER!

(Gunther multiplied himself and she snatch ice king and they vanish. While Cyphor is sitting at the corner and he’s thinking deeply)

Cyphor: oh man, what did I do. We cheat, and now this. I shall confess ace that were cheating.

(Cyphor runs at the front stage and he shouted,)

Cyphor: WAIT!

Ace: *sniff* what?

Cyphor: ace, everyone, especially Finn and FP. I have a confess to say.

Ace: well, spit it out then.

(Then BMO showed up)

BMO: cyphor, what are you doing?

Cyphor: tell them were cheating.

BMO: what! Oh no you don’t.

Cyphor: yes I will.

(Cyphor clicks the BMO’s shut down button)

BMO: wait no- BMO shut down

(BMO has been turned off)

Cyphor: ace, were cheating.

(everyone surprised)

Ace: why?!

Cyphor: because I want to win this competition but BMO force me too cheat. That’s why.

I know that cheaters never win.? And I want to play fair and square. But it’s too late.

Finn: really?

Cyphor: yes, I deserve you two get along at the next round, *face to ace* ace, we should be eliminated.

Ace: *smiles a bit* yeah, I know. Cyphor, I’m glad you said the truth and, I’m not gonna say this but, you’re the best Cyborg friend I ever had.

Cyphor: thanks

(Cyphor picks up BMO, then he carries him and they walk at the exit door)

Cyphor: all the teams, good luck

Finn: cyphor! Thanks.

(Cyphor smiles and they leave)

Ace: team 7, you are safe at this round. All the teams at the backstage! Come out!

(all the teams at the backstage came out)

Ace: and you two love birds

(Finn ,FP, and Ann, goes to their teams)

Ace: the team 5 has been eliminated because of cheating. And~ the team 5 not the only one who cheat. Right russel?

(everyone looks at russel)

Russel: what did I do?

Ace: are you cheating too? Hmm?

Russel: NO I DON’T! beside’s look at my grade at my school card

[Russel’s grade card in school]

MATH: 87






CHARACTER EDUCATION: -90 (because I’m evil)


Russel: That’s how I have? a highest point.

(Russel’s mind: PFFF, this card is a fake. I just copy and I write it)

Ace: hmmmm… ok your not cheating at all. Well guys this episode was a drama bomb!

Russel: hey! Do you forgot something.

Ace: no, why?

Russel: you forget my partner Jake you idiot.

Ace: oh yeah, I forgot. Banana guards! Open the freezer!

(The banana guards open the door freeze. Then suddenly Jake came outside. His skin turn blue and he’s cold.)

Jake: oh my glob, I will never eat a single ice cream when they do this to me again.

Lady Rainicorn (with a translator): WHAT THE! You kept Jake in there!

Ace: yeah, as his punishment that he eat my ultimate and the supreme ice cream that ever created.

Lady Rainicorn (with a translator): you almost froze my husband to death! For just an ice cream!

Ace: hey! That ice cream cost me a fortune. But, look at the bright side, Jake is still alive.

Lady Rainicorn (with a translator): IM GONNA KILL YOU!


Ace: and were back. Sorry for the difficulties because LR attacks e with deadly color power. It’s ok, she won’t bother me anymore. Because I hypnotize her to calm down. See

Lady Rainicorn (with a translator): (…)

Ace: yeah, peace and quiet.

(suddenly, a big loud shout at the backdoor)


Ace: shoot, my mom


Fiona: what’s his name?

Ace’s mom: Ace Ryan D. Junior

(Everyone points out to ace)

Ace: crab apples

Noel: miss, what are you holding?

Ace’s mom: baby food for my little.

Ace: MOM! Stop embarissing me!

Noel: what’s on the baby food?

Ace’s mom: mashed carrots and dry lizards ? ?

Everyone: eeeewww!

Ace: OH GLOB. *puked* watchers as known as readers. See you next time at the Ooo gamehow! Well, gonna rush!

[ending theme]

Come along with me

To a cliff under the tree

We can wander through the forest

? As we do the Ooo gameshow :P

Next time on the Ooo gameshow!

All the teams will proceed the 2nd round called “sing until you survive”! there are surprisingly happen here. There are some special judges, someone fell down at the stage. And more shocking events. Is the team 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, or 8 will be elimanated?

Comment who is you pick. Is it,

Team 1 – Jack and Kyle

Team 2 – Jake and Russel

? Team 3 – Ice king and Frost?

Team 4 – Princess Bubblegum and Julian

Team 6 – Marceline Abadeer and Jane

Team 7 – Flame princess and Ann =

Team 8 – Finn and Noel (a.k.a Me) = 7 points

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