Ace: and were back! Sorry for the waiting guys because it's been a while like *looks at the watch * 10 + 1 = 11 hours folks!


Ace: guys?

(Ace looked at the audience and he saw all the people even the teams are sleeping except the old lady on the right)

Old lady: … what? You said th-there's an ap-apple on your head?


Old lady: what? You said that yo-your playing a bar-barbie doll?

Ace: NO YOU YOU YOU YOU… ARGH! Guards! Get her outta here!

(the banana guards run and they stop)

Banana guard 1: oh look, a penny.

Banana guard 2: who ever get the penny wins! 1…2… 3!


(banana surprise and run to the old lady and they lift her going outside)

Old lady: look! I'm flying! Weeee!

(and there gone)

Ace: finally, now time to deal the people here.

(Ace steps a secret button on the flooring and a big horn show at his side. Suddenly the horn make some loudly noises)

Noel: what just happened!

Jake: do I in… glob world? *thud and he asleep again*

Finn: is the king worm here to devour my dreams!

King worm: hey! Don't blame me! I'm just sleeping here! *fell asleep*

Jane: hey, don't ruin my beauty sleep here! *fell asleep*

IK (A.K.A ice king): Zzzzz *snoars* bubblegum I love you Zzzzzzzz *snoars*

Kyle: hey mommy, I don't want to go to school

Ace: what on world! Some people are asleep *face at the camera* watchers, give us a minute ok.

[after 30 minutes break]

Ace: were back! We have good news and bad news.

Good news: all the audience and the teams are awake

Bad news: my mother is back from Hawaii.

BMO: what so bad about your mom?

Cyphor: yeah why?

Ace: baby hygiene

Marcy: what was it mean?

Ace: my mom acting me like a baby.

Message memory time!

Noel: ok, in teenager level, you got to be kidding me.

Cyphor: why ace mom still caring him like a baby? it's blind to see it.

PB: according in science, maybe his mom is bunch of cahoots on her brain like her brain is infected, or like she's caring too much, or even stress

Russel: look! I dresses like ace and I created a story called…

[Ace the teenager baby]


"Russel staring baby ace"

"frost staring ace mom "

Russel (a.k.a ace): mommy! I want baby food! *crying*

Frost (a.k.a ace mom): here son, you know I am stupid to give a baby food on a teenager.

Russel: yes you are mom *eating*


Russel: wahhh! I want breastfeeding on taylor swift!

Frost: no you don't. only me can breastfeeding you.

Russel: but mommy! Your taste chocolate and coke! Taylor swift is taste water and milk!


Russel: mommy! I want to be like you when I grow up.

Frost: really sweetypie?

Russel: yes, I want to be a mama's boy

Frost: no, you will be a gay!

Russel: nooooooo!


Russel: and I post it on youtube (views: 10,000,000)

[everyone laugh]

Ace: shut up! Well, were gonna continue the show. Any question before we start.

(Ann raised her hand)

Ace: yes Ann.

Ann: can I go to the comfort room

Ace: go

(Ann goes to the bathroom)

Ace: anyone else?

(Goliad, the lich, and party pat raised there hands too)

Ace: ok guys go at the bathroom.

Goliad: but where is it?

Ace: can you mind read me. I know you can.


Goliad: ok, I know it. Follow me strangers.

(Goliad goes at the comfort room then party pat and the lich followed Goliad)

Ace: ok, we wait ann, I'll eat my ice cream supreme.

Jake: ooo ice cream!

Ace: no Jake the ice cream is mine.

(he sees Jake was eating ace ice cream supreme)

Jake: say what

Ace: what have you done to my poor ice cream!

Jake: I ate it (:P)

Ace: I'll gonna punish you! RUSSEL!

Russel: what?

Ace: you know what to do.

Russel: oh… hehehehe *evil smile*

Jake: *gulp* oh no *he run* aaaaahhhhhh!

Russel: come here you dog!

Ace: we might have some technical difficulties. We will right back after the brea

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