Ace: and were back! Now, let's introduce the teams ladies and gentlemen.

[Team 1 – Finn and Kyle]

Kyle: hey! I want jack to be my partner!

Finn: what! You don't like the most awesome adventurer in Ooo!? Look at this!

  • Finn shows his awards at gameshows, adventuring, and many more*

Kyle: cool, but sorry. I want jack even better.*glares at ace* can I?

Ace: ok, jack the rabbit!

  • jack the rabbit pops out of nowhere*

Jack: hey dude wassup.

Kyle: jack! How are you buddy..

  • they do the secret handshake*

Ace: ok, stop that that. It makes me ridiculous.

[Team 2 – Jake and Russel]

Russel: hey jake *evil laugh* can I-


Russel: don't worry jake,I'll not gonna do it *he evil smiled and whisper* this time

Jake: what?

Russel: nothing… hehehehe

[Team 3 – ice king and frost]

IK (a.k.a ice king): were gonna win this! And if we win, all the-

Frost: princess felt in love with you? shut up and sewing your mouth closed man, your like the idiot show that I watch called "annoying orange".

(warning= I don't underestimate the show "annoying orange" it's funny but don't like the characters.)

[Team 4 – PB and Julian]

Both: (…) are we ready yet?

Ace: nope not yet. I know you two don't like each other

[Team 5 – BMO and Cyphor the Cyborg]

BMO swing his remoter and say "yippee yay yey yo!" (like a cowboy)

Cyphor: cool… enough

[Team 6 – Marceline the vampire queen and Jane]

Jane: hey girl! Wussup!

  • she hi-5 to marcy*

[last team – flame princess and Ann]

FP: let's win this!

Ann: yeah! Girl power!

Finn: hey! How about me? I sign up at this show!

Ace: oh yeah…

[team 8 – Finn and… *looks at the audience* noel]

Noel (a.k.a me): the heck! I'm a audience here, hello? Are you blind? I'm just watching the show.

Ace: ok… *thinking and he smiles* in 15 seconds the show will be cancelled

(everybody said "WHAT!" except me and ace)

Finn: come on man!

Noel: nope

Finn: please

Noel: no means no

Ace: *smiles* in 5…4…3…2…1

Noel: fine! I'll do it! But, in one condition in Finn

Finn: what?

(I step down the stairs and I whisper to Finn)

Finn: what! No way dude.

Noel: oh well, ace will cancel the show *I glare at ace* isn't that right?

Ace: yep

Everybody: in 5…4…3…2…1

Finn: okay!

Noel: good, now sign this contract *I pick up the contract on my pocket, showed it to Finn, and he signed it* Ace

Ace: the teams are set *looks at the TV* OH MY GLOB OH MY GLOB! THE LICH CAME BACK! We'll be right back after the break.

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