By: john noel s. yabut (a.k.a adventurego125) – " " username

Characters in the story:




Jack the rabbit






Noel (me)

(characters in adventure time)

Finn the human

Jake the dog

Ice king

Princess bonnibel bubblegum (PB)

Beemo (BMO)

Marceline the vampire queen (marcy)

Flame princess (FP)


(ace steps at the stage with a celebrity cloths, shiny boots, and a golden microphone)

Ace: ladies, gentlemens, ghosts, creatures, monsters, and all the citizens in Ooo! Welcome to "the Ooo gameshow"! today, let's introduce the teams! after the rules (:P).


8 teams are gonna play the gameshow. Only one team can survive. If you do, you win…

PRIZES = 1,000,000 $,One big mansion, one shiny sports car, and VIP pass on new granny awards!

(one team will say kiss your butt goodbye to each one of 7 rounds.)

1st round – mind blown

(the "mind blown" is a intelligence gameshow. Each team shall answer my questions. If the team gets lowest points, your out!)

2nd round – sing until you survive

(each team shall make a song and one by one front of the stage. If the judges points you the lowest score, you out and say goodbye your own prizes)

3rd round – maze in a haze

(you have to get out to the maze. If one team is the slowest to escape the maze, I'll bring my kicks to your butts)

4th round – puzzle monster!

(you have to solve 5 random puzzles, if one team left behind… OUT!)

5th round – haunted house of death

(you have to find 10 creepy things inside the haunted house. if one team left behind… I'll close the doors and windows at the haunted house and find your own escape and get OUT!)

6th round – survival of the fittest

(you have to survive a deserted island. If anyone past out. Well you past OUT!)

Final round – try and try until you win!

(two teams shall run the obsticles. If one team gets first… CONGRATS! YOU WIN THE PRIZES!)


Ace: that's the rules folks!

(ting ting ting ting ting ting ting ting ting ting ting ting)

Ace: here comes the emergency video call! Let's hear it

  • ace pull the lever on his side and a big screen appear at the front stage*

Billy: hello citizens! Welcome at the Ooo gameshow. This show that were you find the teams that will prove there skills at smart, strength, survival, speed, and courage to be the Ooo greatest hero.

Ace: here's your message from greatest hero in Ooo. Billy!

Guards: ace, there's a wild tiger on a loose at your house.

Ace: …. SAY WHAT!

Guards: ace, there's a wild tiger on a loose at your house.

Ace: ok, don't repeat it again. Well folks will be right back after the break.

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