Finn: Yo Jake, can you get me that newspaper?

Jake: Huh, uhmm.. Yeah.. Yeah.. (jake gets the newspaper, he trips and the newspaper is ruined)

Finn: Aww.. Jake.. (Sees an article) Huh? (Reads article) Uh... The Ooo's Crack Up Blast.. Oh my glob dude, you know what that means?!

Jake: You know how to read?

Finn: Wha? No. It means, there is a game!

Jake: Woah! read more!

Finn: (reading) The competition is at the Grasslands, neare Finn and Jake's house!

Jake: Cool! Lets go out!

(jake grabs BMO, and Shelby and rune out with Finn)

Jake: (Sees a stadium) Wha? The Colliseum? How did it get here?!

Finn: Oh hey, look, its The Lich placing the Colliseum in place! Hey Lich!

Lich: Oh hey guys, talk later, Im busy.

(J, F, BMO, and Shelby walks in The Collliseum, they see Lazy Bones as a host.)

Finn: Woooo! LB! Yo bro!

LB: Huh? Hey guys this is the quiz by Crack Up Blast. Its a quiz bee all aout you and your adventures!

Finn: Woah, we're famous?

Jake: (transforms to a bee) Oh yeah, Quiz bee!

LB: Attention, everybody, welcome to Ooo's Crack Up Blast!

(Many people from the audience clap)

LB: Ah.. Ok.. Introducing our teams!! Flame Princess, Finn and Jake our are judges by the way.


LB: PB and Ice Princess!


LB: Ice King and Gunter!

Crowd: Boooooo!

LB: Elf Prince and Shelby!


LB: Lady Rainicorn and Loyd, Jacy, and Jade!


LB: Leonard and Billy!


LB: Marceline and Marsha!


LB: BMO and Neptr!


LB: Ok, shall we start?

LSP: Wait!!! Who's my partner?!

LB: Uhmm... (Randomly chooses someone from the audience) Jason!

Jawon: Uh... Im the audience here? Hello?!

LB: Just come up the stage.

(Jason flies up to LSP's table)

LB: Ok.. You might notice there are red buttons on each table.. Press it first and you will have a chance to get ot right. You will have 5 seconds for your chance, if you dont, you cant amswer anymore and the others will get a chance. Understood?

(The players nod.)

LB: Ok! The questions are seen on the screen, be sure to have nice eyesight!


In what episode did Marceline and Finn first meet?


Marceline: Evicted!

LB: Correct thats one point for the Abadeer Group.

(Marceline and Marsha hi five)

Q2: In which episode did Finn and FP first meet?

(Is dead silent)


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