It is a 2013 Adventure Time movie.It's genre is:Action,Adventure,Romance,andcomedy.Set during the events of season 5.Since Finn gets married in it,it has to mark the end of the series.It will be aired on cartoon network. =Plot= The plot is TBA.But I made a trailer.The whole plot exept for the last scenes is on titled"Deaths Revenge."It also leaked a ristricted set of scenes.

                                                                                                                                          =Plot=                                     *This is the first (and presumably only) time a flashback of a previous episode is seen.It is Finn giving the Enchiridion to the Bear from In Your Footsteps.*This reveals that Fionna has an Auto-Tuned voice.*This is the second time a main character dies.Only to be revived.The first was Sons Of Mars.*Finn was originally going to die and be revived later.But it was changed to Finn going unconscious and waking up later because the original scene was too scary.*Many items from past episodes are seen:Demon Heart,Armor Of Zeldron,Arm Key Chain,And Billy's Gaunlet (non canon).*This episode shows that Fionna has romantic feelings for Finn.                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Authors note                                                                                                                     Sorry for the suckish article.Sorry.I just have a burned out mind right now!!!(has an anger rage.

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