Chapter OneEdit

Once upon a Monday, or something like that, Finn and Jake were sitting in their tree fort playing BMO.

"Finn, Jake, it is such a nice day for an adventure." BMO says.

"But BMO, we are almost done with this level." Jake responds "And this game is really hard"

Finn and Jake were playing the copy they found of Pacman, taking turns trying to get better scores.

"Hey Jake, you know, it is a really good day for an adventure. We should use it while it lasts. But we aren't gonna go on a regular adventure, we are gonna go to a different universe!" Finn starts saying

"And how are we gonna do that?" Jake says back

"I don't know man"

"Well dude, I think we should try it. It might be fun."

"Ok, lets go"

So Finn and Jake shut off their game and rushed off to find a portal to another universe.

Chapter TwoEdit

In the morning at Hyrule castle there are always maids running around cleaning things, knights running down to the training grounds to practice, and chefs preparing meals.

Link yawned as he woke up, and looked around his room. He wasn't fond of waking up this early, but he needed to do it.

"Hey Link!" Princess Zelda came rushing into his room. "Are you up yet?"

Link responded "Yes. Is it time for breakfast yet? I'm hungry."

"Aren't you gonna get dressed first?" Zelda asked, looking at him.

"Yeah, but you'll have to leave first" So, Zelda left and link put on his clothes and headed to breakfast

Chapter ThreeEdit

Saying Finn and Jake would probably need to search the whole entire land of Ooo for a portal, they decided that they would check up on their friend the Ice King, to make sure he hasn't stole anymore lady princesses


"Hey Ice King! Give us back Shampoo Princess!" Finn yelled.

"Um.. actually, my name is Sweet Princess, Shampoo is just the name of my kingdom" Sweet Princess said from the cell she was being held in.

"No! I Will never give her back! She loves me, right sweetems?" Ice king argued

"The only thing I love is Shampoo."

"So you wouldn't mind if you got frozen in a block of ice?" Ice King said facing toward the cell.

"Oh no you don't Ice King!" Finn jumped in and knocked down the ice king, while jake let Sweet Princess out.

"Thank you Finn, thank you Jake, now I can go back to my kingdom and resume work at The Almighty Shampoo Factory." Sweet Princess said as she left.

"Hey Jake, I wonder if Ice King has any secret portals."

"Nah, he's too much of a jerk"

"Hm.. I don;t know"

"Dude, lets go."


Chapter FourEdit

"Hyyaaaah! Hyaah Hyah!" You know, for a Hero that saved his country, Link doesn't look much like a hero. He has blonde hair, blue eyes, a skinny, short figure, and doesn't have many scars. But don't let that fool you. He is strong, and could hurt you, well, if he wanted too, that is.

"Wow, your good" Henry, the head knight, said to Link "I guess that is probably the reason your a hero, though."

"Yeah, I guess. You know, I like helping people, but I really don't need a reward. I can live on my own" Link didn't really like all the attention he got. He was doing his job, saving people.

"You know, I think Zelda is looking for you" Henry said

"Oh, yeah," Link responded, seeing Zelda running towards them "I'll come back later to train, bye"

Chapter FiveEdit

"Hehe, magic portal time" Ice King said to himself as he opened a hidden door in his castle. "It's finally time to use this thing!"

Ice King walked up to a big glowing blue portal in the center of the room. "Come here Other Universe Princess, I want you to marry me." Ice King stepped into the portal, and was gone.

Chapter SixEdit

"Hey Link, wanna play cards?" Zelda said to Link, sitting on her bed in her bedroom.

"Nah, I don't really like cards" Link responded, sitting on the bed

"Well what do you want to do?"

"Sit here, I guess"


So, they sat there. I mean, there was some chit chat, but not a lot. I guess there wasn't much going on, well, until something happened.

Link got up, headed for the door, when he heard something behind him.

"Zelda!" He said, turning around. Zelda was being captured by, well, something, or someone, more to say. He was blue, with a beard. Zelda was trying to break free but, he was too strong. He started to carry her out the window.

"You let go of Zelda!" Link yelled, grabbing his sword and running towards the man. But he was too late. Zelda was already gone. Link just stood there, dazed at what just happened. Odd? Yes... very.

Chapter SevenEdit

"Hey Jake," Finn said walking down the Ice King's corridor. "I think I here something"

"Yeah man, me too." Jake responded, and then sniffed the air. "It's coming from... that way"

"Lets go!"

So Finn and Jake followed the sound until they got to the Ice King's secret room.

"Let go of me!" They heard a girls voice from inside the room. "What are you doing?"

"Your going to marry me!" They heard the Ice King respond

"What! I don't want to marry you!" They could tell the girl was still struggling.

They hid as the Ice King came out and circled around the corner, taking the girl with him.

"Let's go save her!" Finn said to Jake

"Nah dude, we can save her later. How do we know the portals gonna be here later?"


"Dude," Jake cut him off. "We're just gonna peek around"


So Finn and Jake stepped throught the portal.

Chapter EightEdit

Link didn't know what to do. He didn't even know if what he jus saw really happend. He just stood there, until he ran downstairs.

"Guys! Come quickly!"

A bunch of knights turned to face him "What is is?"

"It-it-it's Zelda. She-she's gone!" Link responded, out of breath

"Huh? What do you mean?"

"I mean that someone just came and took her, and she's gone!"

"Show me"

So Link led them upstairs to Zelda's room, where he showed them where the man had came in and left.

"Hm... Link, I don't see anything. Are you sure Zelda just didn't go somewhere and you didn't notice?"

"No! I'm sure he came and took her! I saw him!"

"Link, why don't we get you something to drink"

Link knew what he was saying really happend, but he followed them anyway.

Chapter NineEdit

"Dude! Look at this place!" Finn said stepping out of the portal into a forest

Jake sniffed the air. "I think there are feilds... that way." Pointing towards a derection in the forest.

"Ok, dude, lets go."

Finn and Jake stated to walk in the derection of the feild

"Hey Jake, do you think there are any monsters here?" Finn said as they walked throught the woods

"I don't know. But when we find one I'll let you beat it."



Once they got out of the forest, they looked around. They could see a castle in the distance

"Do you think we could make it there before sunset?" Finn said, looking up at the sky.

"Yeah man, hop on my back"

So they rode off. They were very close when they spotted something, or someone. It was a figure on a horse.

"Hey mister!" Finn said, riding Jake towards him "Can you tell us where we are?"

When Finn and Jake got over there, the man stopped "Who..?"

Chapter TenEdit

Link was was confused. He looked up. He saw a boy, riding on top of what looked like a giant dog.

"Who..? Who are you?" He said.

"I'm Finn." The boy said

"And I'm Jake" Said his dog

It could talk? Link was astonished. He really didn't know what was going on.

"Um... I'm Link. I am on a mission looking for Princess Zelda. Have you seen her?" Link didn't know what they were gonna say. For all he knew they could be the bad guys!

"What happend to her?" The boy, Finn, said.

"She was taken, by, a blue person. He had a white beard and could fly. I know it sounds weird." They would think he was crazy! But if these people had seen Zelda, they had probably seen her capturer too.

"Ice King!" Jake yelled

"Huh?" Link really didn't know how to reply

"Yeah, Ice King, always stealing princesses. It wouldn't suprise me if he just flew in and grabbed her" Finn said in reply to him.

"So you know him?" Had they seen zelda?

"Know him? We more then know him. We have to stop him from stealing princesses all the time." Finn said looking angry.

"Huh? There aren't many princesses in the land of Hyrule, and if someone captured them I would be one of the first to know."

"Hyrule? So that's where we are. No, we are talking about our universe, The Land of Ooo."

Ooo? Our Universe? What were they talking about? Link really didn't know what the heck the were talking about.

"Your Universe?"

"Yeah, we came here through a portal, and I think your princess is on the other side of it."

"Really?" They know where Zelda is?

"Yeah, just hop on top of Jake and we can go."

Link looked up. How do I get on top of that thing? It's huge! But then Jake shrunk down. Link really didn't know how he could do that, but he got on and they rode toward the forest.

Chapter ElevenEdit

"Hey Jake, have you found the portal yet?" They were back in the forest, and Finn was getting impatient.

"Yeah, we're almost there."

Finn looked back at Link, who looked a little freaked out. "Hey, how are you doing back there?"

Link didn't answer.

"Hey Finn, we're at the portal." Jake said, shrinking down and leting them off.

"Ok, lets go through this thing! You comin Link?"

Link followed them slowly into the portal, where they all came out on the other side.

Everyone followed Finn to the place where Zelda was being held, and they found Ice King there too.

"Link!" Zelda called when she saw them.

"Ice King! Give back the princess!" Finn kicked the Ice King and Zelda escaped.

"Zelda!" Link said rushing towards her side.

"Hehehe." Ice King laughed. "You may have stopped me but it looks like you little friends aren't gonna be getting home anytime soon!" Ice King rushed to his secret room and closed it, blocking off all access to the portal.

"Grr... let's get out of here!" Finn hopped onto jake and Link helped Zelda up, following close behind.

So they left the Ice Kingdom and headed to Finn and Jake's tree fort.

Chapter TwelveEdit

Link really wanted to go home, for things to return to normal. But he knew that right now that couldn't happen since Ice King, whoever he was, closed off the portal to Hyrule. So right now they were going over to Finn and Jake's house, to see if they could figure this out.

"Hello Finn, hello Jake" A small robot asked as they came in "Who are your friends?"

"BMO, this is Link," Finn replied "And this is Zelda"

The small robot, BMO, link suspected, was very odd in the way it speaked, as it's voice did not sound much like a robot.

"Hey BMO, do we have anything to eat? I'm staving." Finn said, walking over to a fridge in the corner. Link remembered the last thing he had to eat, at breakfast, and he then realized he hadn't eaten since that morning, and the sun was setting.

"Ok, we got some meatloaf, and some blueberries. Who wants what?" Finn asked pulling out two jars.

Saying Link hadn't ate in a while, he wanted both, good thing Jake agreed with him.

"Hey Finn, bro, why don'y we just eat both?" Jake said shortly after Finn set down the jars


So they ate the meatloaf and blueberries, and then sat down.

"Finn, would mind if we slept here?" Zelda spoke up "As we can not get home."

"Nah dude, it's fine." Finn replied "Me and Jake can find somewhere for you to sleep."

So Zelda ended up sleeping on the couch and Link on the floor, and their adventure would continue tomorrow.

Chapter ThirteenEdit

Finn woke up and rushed down stairs.

"Hey everyone, ready to go to the Candy Kingdom!?" He yelled, waking up Link and Zelda.

"Huh?" Link said, getting up.

"Yeah, the Candy Kingdom. I think maybe Princes Bubblegum can help us." Finn told them

So they all left for the Candy Kingdom


"Oh, silly," Said Princess Bubblegum "I can't help you with that!"

"Why not?" Finn questioned

"Because I'm good with science, not magic!" Princess Bubblegum is the princess of the Candy Kingdom, and a master at science "Why don't you go ask someone else?"

"Oh, well, who else could we ask?"

"Why not Marceline?" Jake but in "She made all those other portals"

"Well," Finn thought "Yeah, why not."

So, they agreed that they would go ask Marceline later that day.

Chapter FourteenEdit

Link was worried. Who was Marceline? He really didn't know Finn and Jake very well, but his only choice was to trust them.

"Hey Marcy!" Finn yelled as Marceline opened the door to her house. "Ya think you could help us?"

"Sure guys, I guess. What ya need help with?" Marceline said, letting them in.

"We need help with portals"

"Oh, well what type of portals?" Marceline said, floating around.

"We need to get our friends here back home" Finn said, pionting towards link and zelda

"Oh, well I can't help you make a portal. But I can help you find one."


So, they set off in search of the ice king.

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