"The Lava Lamp"
Season 2, Episode 23
Director: DarKingdomHearts
"The Mushroom Bomb Theory"
"Not Him Again"

"The Lava Lamp" is the twenty-third episode of season 2 of DKH's Episodes.


Finn and Jake explore Gene's lava lamp and discover some of his past.


Finn and Jake were parasailing (with Jake as the parasail) and they saw that they were approaching the Lava-Tipped Mountains. Jake said they couldn't get more air, so it would be better for them to land. They landed for the mountain, and since they were close, decided to visit Gene . They knocked on the door a few times, but nobody opened. Jake pushed the door open and wanted to enter. Finn said they couldn't do such thing. Jake said he's our friend and wouldn't mind if we wait here for him.

The two sat down and waited for Gene to come, but Jake got bored and took a look around. He then found Gene's Lava Lamp on the cabnet and admired it. Finn shouted not to touch it, Jake said it was fine. Finn, slightly angry, walked up to him and right on the moment Jake pushed a button that teleported them into the lamp. They saw a chique 80's lounge and then found a door saying "Memory Chamber". Finn and Jake entered it.

They arrived in the world as it was before the Great Mushroom War. Finn and Jake looked around amazed at the technologie, high buildings and crowded areas with humans. Though they couldn't interact with them. They looked behind them and saw the Lava Lamp being picked up by a poor man who rubbed it and Gene came out. The man wished to be rich, never hungry and to be immortal. Gene granted the wishes and left. Finn and Jake fell into a pitfall and arrived in the wreckage of the world. They looked around but saw nothing, only Gene floating around with a woman. They looked closer and saw it was Betty, to their surprise. They ran towards them but before they could hear anything of the conversation they ran into a black mass and arrived in the Nightosphere, which they found weird.

There they saw Gene and Marceline on a demonic bench holding hands. They approached them and could hear what they were saying. Gene told Marceline everything is going to be alright, and that she doesn't have to be scared of her father. Marceline smiled and gave Gene a kiss on his cheek. Finn and Jake chuckled because they know that Marceline actually likes woman too. A random door appears which they enter. They arrived in Ooo where they found themselves in a zap battle between Gene and Magic Man. Finn and Jake quickly took cover and watched the fight. Gene shouted that an outlaw like him will never will have a happy end. Magic Man said his happy end was ruined a long time ago and they continue the fight, using several of their spells. Finn and Jake see a Snail waving to them and they head over to him only to fall into a pitfall again. They see Gene constructing the Taffy Tower and putting the Ring of Doing Things inside of it. He says that Magic Man will never be able to get it here. They leave the Taffy Tower and arrive in a scene featuring Gene and Marceline again in, which appears to be, Gene 's bedroom. Finn and Jake suddenly get sucked out of the Lava Lamp and land in the living room of Gene's house with Gene standing before them.

Gene says that they already have seen enough, and that what he was about to see wasn't appropiate for his age. Finn notes that he already is 15, but Gene replies that he can't see it in semi-live action. Gene then asks if they promise not to tell anyone about his past. Not Marceline, not Magic Man and even not Ice King. Finn and Jake agree. Gene then asks if they want to play video games again, which they accept.


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  • Snail can be seen in the scene he waves to Finn and Jake to come over to him,
  • Comment Considered.

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