"The Gumball Assassination Attempt"
Season 1, Episode 3
Production code: 001.003
Airdate: January 6, 2013
Director: J.G Quintel
Story: Kent Osborne
Mark Banker
Dick Grunert
Somvilay Xayaphone
Written &
storyboarded by:
Patrick McHale
Larry Leichliter
"The Gumball Assassination Attempt" is the third episode of the first season of Adventure Time with Finn and Pen.


An assassination attemp happen's against Princess Gumball.


The royal carriage comes down a road in the Candy Kingdom. Peppermint Butler was the driver, Princess Gumball and Pen in the back, Princess Bubblegum and Finn in the front. They were going to the Castle for lunch after a speech. A big crowd gathered on the streets to see them. They were waving until...

One shot fired and Princess Gumball put her hands on her throat, then Princess Bubblegum turned to her right. Then Finn (in shock) pulled Bubblegum down and grabbed his sword and said to Pen, "Pen, listen to me carefully! Take Princess Gumball and duck under the seat, i'm going after the person who did that!" Pen replied,"OK! But be careful"

Peppermint Butler sped up and went to the Candy Kingdom Hospital.

When they got to the HospitalEdit

When Peppermint Butler pulled up to the Candy Kingdom Hospital Dr. Princess and Dr. Ice Cream took Princess Bubblegum into the operating room immediately. Nurse Pound cake rolled in Princess Gumball into the operating room next to Princess Bubblegum. Pen had to wait in the waiting room. (They both survived)

Finn hunting the assassin down!Edit

After the carriage left for the hospital. Finn took out his sword and started looking for clues what had happened. He looked up into a building and found a deer shaped figure. So Finn ran up the building and grabbed the deer by the throat and took him to the Candy Kingdom Jail.



Minor CharactersEdit

  • Dr. Princess
  • Dr. Ice Cream
  • Nurse Pound Cake
  • Deer
  • Worm

Made By:Edit

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