"The Great Kingdom War!"
Season 0, Episode 1
The Great Kingdom War
Director: Simon (Ice King Before The Mushroom War!)
Story: KidMarceline
Written &
storyboarded by:
"The Great Kingdom War Part II"
This Is What Started The Flame Elite Force..The Legendry Great Kingdom War!


Many 1000000000 years Ago Back Before There Was Planet Earth Fire Elementals & Ice Elementals Rule Space And Galaxies But someone Stop All The Space Ruleing..Finally 500 Years Later Planet Earth Was Born And The Candy People Lived With Ice Elementals...But The Fire Elementals Wanted Power They Fought The Candy People For Their Land And Kingdom!!

Major Characters

Candy Citzens

Flame Citzens

Princess Bubblegum

Flame King

Simon (Ice King)

Kid Marceline

Minor Characters

Baby Finn

Baby Jake

Finn & Jake's Mother

Finn & Jake's Father


This Is The Real Pilot Episode!

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