The Airforce,FBI, And Agent Force Owned By The Fire Kingdom


Blambo (Leader Of Flame Knights)

Azarin (Flame Airforce)

Ice Prince
Ice Prince (Leader Of Heat Coal Workers)
Han D Some
Coal Knight


Han D. Some (Flame Knight)

Niran ( 3rd Rank Coal Worker)

Niran Clone A (2nd Rank Coal Worker)

Niran Clone B (Offical Coal Worker)

Marceline The Vampire Queen (Flame Pilot)

Kim Jefferson ( 2nd Rank Pilot)

Marshalia The Vampire Princess (Offical Pilot)


Flame Princess

Ice Princess (Friend Of FP)

Flame Prince (Brother Of FP)

Flame King (Ruler Of Fire Kingdom)

236px-Flame Princess - new costume


Ice Princess
Flame Prince with flambits
Flame King profile image

Marceline Stock Warm Lighting
Dark Princess

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