The Failure Song
Name The Failure Song
Artist Marsha and Marceline
Runtime 1:44
Played in "Adventure Time: The Movie"
MLP FiM BGM - The Failure Song01:46

MLP FiM BGM - The Failure Song

The Failure Song, is the title of a song featured in Adventure time: The Movie. It features a duet between Marsha and Marceline.  It is followed by [Success Song].


I was prepared to do my best
Thought I could handle any test
For I can do so many tricks
But I wasn't prepared for this
Levitation would have been a breeze
Facts and figures I recite with ease
Marsha: The square root of five hundred and forty-six is twenty-three point three six six six four two eight nine one zero nine.
Teacher: She is correct!
I could ace a quiz on friendship's bliss
But I wasn't prepared for this
Will I fail, or will I pass?
I can't be sure...
She can't be sure...
My mind is sharp, my skills intact
My heart is pure...
Her heart is pure...
Oh, I've taken my share of licks
I've made it through the thin and thick
But no I wasn't
Oh no, she wasn't
Oh no, I wasn't
Oh no, she wasn't
No I wasn't
Prepared... for this!

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