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The Death of Finn: Part 1 Edit

The Death of Finn is a fanon 1-hour OVA Special. It's Part 1 of the 3-part trilogy and also the 1st episode of Adventure Time Fanon OVA Season 1. Part 2 & 3 Coming Soon

Created Date: June 20, 2012


After Finn is killed by the Bucket Knight, Jake and Billy go on a quest to avenge Finn.


Chapter 1: The AssaultEdit

One normal day in Ooo, Finn was strolling down a hill, when the Bucket Knight, Magic Man and the Lich King attack him at once. Finn easliy defeats the Lich and Magic Man, but was no match for the Bucket Knight, who seriously injures Finn with the Thousand Slash Attack (even though Finn slices off his left arm). As Finn succumbs to his wounds, he see the Bucket Knight laughs at him as he blacks out.

Finn is rushed to the Candy Hospital, where he falls into a coma. The only people who were contacted about Finn's brutal attack were Jake, PB, Marceline, Fionna, Cake, and Marshall Lee. They all came to find Finn in bedrest.

Jake: I'm sorry bro, I wasn't there for you.

Finn: It's alright Jake, It's my fault for going alone

PB: Finn, You're going to be alright, Just hang in there.

Finn: It's too late for that. I'm near Death now, and I'm pretty much serwed up. But, there something I wanted to tell you

PB: What is it?


PB: (sobs) I love you too, Just Please don't die.

Finn: Jake?

Jake: Yeah Finn?

Finn: What time is it?

Jake: (sniffs) It's Adventure Time

Finn and Jake did their fistpump for the last time before Finn's life reading flatlines

Jake: Finn?...Finn?................FINN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Finn dies with a smile on his face.

Chapter 2: The FuneralEdit

Everyone shows up for Finn's funeral, inculding The Great Hero Billy and Death

Death: Yo Jake, sorry about your brother.

Jake: It's okay: though Bubblegum is in room, seriously crying over Finn. Did you met Finn when he died?

Death: Yeah, and there something I want to discuss with you.

Jake: What's that?

Death: He's said to tell you that he was ambushed by the Lich, Magic Man, and the Bucket Knight.

Jake: Oh my Glob!

Death: He easily defeated the Lich and Magic Man, but not before the Bucket Knight landed the Thousands Slash Attack on him

Jake: SERIOUSLY???????????!!!!!!!!!!!

Death: Duh, besides that technique takes years to master.

Jake: Then I vow to avenge Finn by killing the Bucket Knight.

Death: Yeah, You go, Jake.

Jake: Then let's go, Death!

Death: Oh,Sorry Jake, I'm on council duty, so you're on your own

Billy: I'll go with you!

Jake: (gasps) Billy!....But why?

Billy: When I heard about Finn's death, I was so depressed. He taught me to be violent again, so count me in!

Jake: You're In!!

So Jake and Billy embarked on a journey to avenge Finn, when a mysetrious figure gets a call from his phone while hiding under a bridge.

???: Hello?

Bucket Knight: Yes, It's me

???: Is Finn dead?

BK: Yup, I killed real good! heh heh

???: You're an Idiot

BK: Huh?

???: Don't you realize that his dog and Billy are going to avenge Finn. This wasn't part of the plan.

BK: Sorry, Boss. Don't worry, I'll get rid of them

???: No need, we're talking Billy. THE Billy. He'll cut you down right before you can even sneak attack him. I'll deal with them myself. Their quest will lead to their demise.

TO BE CONTINUED..............


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