The Big Bang is Episode 1 of my series of Fanfiction Episodes.

Episode Summary:

Jake must find Fionna for Finn before the nuke war (It is his DESTINY.)


The scene begins on a holographic TV. A candy person announces the start of Mega Nuke War I. Jake begins to pack up his stuff to move to the Safe Zone, but Finn is sad. He says he wants to meet his long-lost sister Fionna. Jake asks why he would want to, so Finn sings, "My Destiny,":

It is my destiny,

to meet my ansestor,

she wants to a-meet me, me,


Please help me find my destiny,

I know my destiny,

to find Fionna,

It's my DESTINY!!

Finn begins moaning again, so Jake knows he needs to do this for Finn. He brings thier mobile Safe House and flies Finn to Aaa. Meanwhile in Aaa, Fionna also wants to find Finn. Cake insists that if he really is your brother, he will come to her. Just then Ice Queen bursts through the wall and freezes Cake. Fionna yells at her that she shouldn't kidnap random people. Ice Queen ignores her and freezes her too. She then flies off to kidnap Prince Gumball. Right at that moment Finn and Jake come in through the busted up door. Finn takes out his flamethrower and melts the ice. Fionna is a little coold from the freeze, but she clearly sees Finn. She hugs Finn tightly, and Jake says hello to Cake. They talked about video games and the Nuke War. Fionna says that Ice Queen is going to capture Prince Gumball. They all team up to stop her. They all fly on Jake n' Cake to the Ice Kingdom. Ice Queen was teling Gunterly, her penguin, to set up the wedding decorations. Ice Queen says to her (Gunterly, not herself) that she distracted everyoneby making them think there was a nuke war by putting old footage from 2521. Fionna and Finn hear this and break in. Fionna unties Prince Gumball while Finn beats Ice Queen up. Cake and Jake talk about stuff like evil people from Aaa and Ooo and vice versa. Ice Queen gives up and puts in new footage that says the war has been cancelled! Fionna, Cake, Finn and Jjake all head to Ooo to hang out.


  • This is almost like an April Fools plus Valentines special.
  • When Ice Queen says it was footage from 2521, witch prooves the Mushroom War happened sometime in the two thousand fifties.
  • his is Fanfiction, so don't critisise me for putting fanfiction characters in it.

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