Questions  Edit

Q: What kind of plot do we use in this episode?

A: A Plot/Transcript .

Q: Does the translator of Korean language work well?

A: Not that much just depend on this <>. And we cut out some Korean words cause there is something wrong.

Q: Does PB have many nicknames on this episode?

A: Don't get mad about it, it's fun to make harmless nicknames! 

Q: Wait.. Does Lady have the translator kept in the end?

A: Surely not we ordered it to be lost in the end.

Synopsis Edit

"Me-mow comes back to assassinate Jake and Finn," for ruining her chances to be a 1st Class Assassin in her guild. And also tries to kill other princesses while doing so.

Plot Edit

At night in the Tree Fort

Finn: yawn* Im so sleepy.. 

Jake: Dude just lie down and sleep, I can't sleep with you snoring!

Finn: "Actually I'm yawning Jake,"

Jake: Just go to SLEEP, night broman.

Finn: Night.. sleeps*

In the morning

Finn: Huhh... Puts hand to cover mouth* Mornin'.... Jake.. yawn*

Jake: Guess what's b-fast Finn!

Finn: Meatloaf??? Doing a dance*

Jake: Lalalalala!! WRONG! It's Bacon Pancakes!!

They both eat and see Lady and Princess Bubblegum*

Finn: Hi Lady hi Princess B !

Princess Bubblegum: Greetings Finn and Jake, may I ask you a certain favor?

Finn: What's the favor B ?

Princess Bubblegum: I've been targeted by an Assassin and is coming tomorrow.

Lady Rainicorn : 그녀를 보호 <Protect her>

Finn: Say wha? scatches head*

Jake: Lady is saying we need to protect her dude!

Finn: So Lady's targeted too?

Jake: No man she says protect Bubblegum!

Lady: Nod* 

Finn: Jake stay there with Prubs I'll fly with Lady to take me to the note!

Jake: Sure man! I'll take care of Bubblegum, with a breeze!

Lady: 공주 안녕! <Bye Princess!>

Finn: I hope P Bubblegum is alright.. 

Lady: <Finn I truly see what you feel>

Finn: Lady.. Hmmm.. Woah.. see that Lady?  *pointing at tree

Lady: <Finn look!!! A universal translator!>

Finn: Hmm.. Wha..? Whatevs just go and get that translator!

Finn picks it up, but then a humanoid man hits him with a baseball bat on the hand.

Finn: I'm sorry!! Wait you made this? Can you make one for us?

Man: This yere translata gives good stuff boy.

Lady: <can we just have it?>

Man: Ohhh.. Git a Lady ey? Well I would sure just hand it over. *hands over translator

Finn straps it on Lady's neck.

Man: WOWEE see ya boy! Whispers to Finn -Give the Lady a cheer ya know? 

Finn: Umm... YEY LADY!!!

TBC ( To be continued) 

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