The all-new Adventure Time animated short (itself titled "Adventure Time 2"). Has all of the main characters as they are apart of one adventure (exept Beemo).


Princess Bubblegum, Marceline, and Lumpy Space Princess is captured by the Ice King. But with Jake sick, it's up to Finn& Marshalia to save them.


Finn is sleeping under a tree in a sleeping bag when he wakes up and asks Marsha what she's doing. Marsha tells Finn she is just listening to a song. Then she hums to Finn the song she's singing Just then, , Lady Rainicorn, flies by crying. Jake grows and the two follow Rainicorn. Finn tells her a joke to cheer her up, but it turns into a failure and she just keeps on crying.

They follow her into the Ice Kingdom where Ice King starts shooting at Lady Rainicorn with frozen lightning bolts. Finn says that Ice King is an oxymoron and Marsha nods. She then sees that Ice King has trapped Princess Bubblegum, Marceline, and LSP. After Finn puts on pink sweater, he asks Marsha if she wants hier red sweater and gives it to her. Finn and Marsha slide onto the ice and surf on Penguins. They land into the ice, but they spotted an Iceclops. After they throw snowballs at it, they spot a Snow Golem and they throw snowballs at it as well. Then they see a Fire Elemental who asks for directions to the sun. Finn gives the directions, then throws a snowball at the Elemental. This makes him upset so he asks how old they are. Finn says that he's 14 and that Marsha is 995.

They then hear an evil laugh and they look up to see Ice King. Marsha turns into demon form to fly Finn up to Ice King. Finn tells him to stop it and Ice King tells him to stop meddling and that Pen and his monster can't harm him. Finn says that Marsha is not a monster but his lady friend, and then kicks Ice King into his house and cave, where there was a drum set and a pair of underwear. They kung fu fight as Marsha joins in. Marsha asks Ice King why he's always stealing ladies. Ice Kings replies that he's going to make one marry him. Marsha says that the king's idea is stupid, and Ice King says Marsha's hair is stupid. Finn gets mad and Marsha kicks him in the face.

Ice King uses his frozen lightning bolts to freeze Finn & Marsha in a block of ice. Then, their minds get transported to the Dream Warrior. He tells tells them ," Never Say Never". But when he tells them to get lost, Marsha & Finn demand to know what was going on. But Dream Warrior sends them back. Finn growls like a wolf as her breaks out of th ice. He sees Ice King fly away with Marceline & Princess bubblegum, who yell for help. Rainicorn, Finn, and Marsha chase after Ice King. Finn jumps and grabs the princess & Marceline as they land on Rainicorn. Then Marsha (in demon form) knocks the crown off of Ice King's head and Ice King falls to the ground. Marsha flies away.

Finn, the princess,& Marceline land as Finn tells themr that they're free. The princess kisses and thanks Finn. Marsha comes with LSP and asks what is going on and Finn says nothing is. Embarrassed, Finn says that they have stuff to do. Marsha denies it and says that they have nowhere to go. Finn laughs and says that "adventure awaits." Marsha says that she doesn't see an adventure going on anywhere and that they should just sit there and talk about their feelings. Finn randomly points at five Ninja cats stealing a woman's diamonds. He says bye to the princess and the princess bids farewell. Finn, Jake and Cake say it's "Adventure Time" and they run off.


Main CharactersEdit

  • Finn
  • Jake
  • Cake
  • Marsha
  • Princess Bubblegum
  • Marceline
  • LSP
  • Ice King

Minor CharactersEdit

  • Dream Warrior
  • Iceclops
  • Snow Golem
  • Fire Elemental
  • Ninja penguins
  • Woman
  • Penguins
  • Lady Rainicorn

See AlsoEdit

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