Snow Monsters!Edit

Main article: Snow Monsters! Finn and Jake try to find Ragedy princess and Lumpy space princess for a party but they have to face off a snow monster (snow golem).

Welcome to the JungleEdit

Main article: Welcome to the Jungle Finn and Jake get lost in a jungle and are captured by hostile tribes,they trie to convince Jungle princess to let them go.

Adventure Time: The MovieEdit

Main article: Adventure Time: The Movie TBA

Adventure Time: Global Assault the MovieEdit

Main article: Adventure Time: Global Assault The Movie On a nice spring day, the Ice King makes an entire snow solder and penguin army and they attack the Candy Kingdom, the Cloud Kingdom, the Fire Kingdom, the Bad Lands, the steal tanks and battleships from the beaches. So Finn, Jake, Princess Bubblegum, and the Candy Kingdom army try to stop the Ice King and his army from causing more total destruction which ends up in an apocalyptic nuclear war.

Adventure Time: Iron SunlightEdit

Main article: Adventure Time: Iron Sunlight TBA

Journy in Chunky PlaceEdit

Main article: Journy in Chunky Place LSP gets a date who abondons her for Finn.

Journy in Chunky Place 2: Jake and LSP's RevengeEdit

Main article:' Journy in Chunky Place 2: Jake and LSP's Revenge Jake and LSP force CPP to listen to Justin Beiber music

Journy in Chunky Place 3: THE FINAL CHAPTEREdit

Main article: Journy in Chunky Place 3: THE FINAL CHAPTER A cheesy ending to the Journy in Chunky Place stories, and CPP doesn't get out of the closet..

Adventure time: Ice King's RessurectionEdit

Main article: Adventure Time: Ice King's Resurrection TBA

This DOESN'T Mean WarEdit

Main article: The Electrosphere . All the kingdoms in Ooo get into a war cause the fire kingdom has realesed terrorist attacks that made every kingdom against each other. So Finn and Jake try to help end the war and restore peace to all of Ooo. Meanwhile, the whole Vampire Kingdom catches up to Marsha and Marceline

Ball AssaultEdit

Main article: Ball Assault TBA, no known Sypnosis

Neuclear AccidentsEdit

Main article: Nuclear Accidents TBA

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