Sup everyone so like yeah if I were you id wait til your twenty two to read this. It has strong language jealousy lust loads of lemons wink wink nuge nuge and yes they are graphic and explicit lemons fin x bubblegum, marciline, flame princess and breakfast princess. I do not own adventure time if I did it wouldn't be aloud on tv not even on the play boy channel. Fin is 18 in this story. To add extra drama Iappear as his father. Sort of a goku rip off. And yes there are ponys in this but there not used in lemons Kay. Let's get this train reck movein.

Chapter one buonilbels private moment.

Fin walked away from fps house pissed. They had just gotten into a fight and broke up. Turns out fp had cheated on fin with the charcol prince. Then the realizeaion of the whole stiation just dawned on him. He hung his head low. his tear sacks got busted in a fight with Zeus the demon king. So now if he cried he cried blood. A tear of blood trickled down his face. He needed someone to talk to but Jake had moved to the crystal demincon and never visted after lady rainicorn died giveing birth to the rainapups and marciline was visting here dad in the nightospere. So he decided to vist l pb. He hadn't talked to her in ages since that hole lich thing with the multiverse. So he headed off to the candy kingdom.

Bubblegums pov

It had been a busy day in the candy kingdom three trials five executions and 60 laws to pass. Bonibell was looking forward to a little alone time she grabbed a book and told peperment butler not to bother her she quickly walked up to her room and double locked it. She shut all the windows and pulled back the curtains. She lit some candles and set up five pictures of fin. The pictures were new. She looked at the honed figure of fin on the pics and couldent help but drool she tossed the book aside took off her clothes and laid down on her massive bed. Warning expcit sexualal scene. She started to gently rub her pussy then rubbed faster and faster. She moaned with pleasure f-fin oh glob yes. She the penatrated and howled with sheer extacsy. Fin fin take me please glob be mine she said thourgh moans and howls. There was a knock on the door. Tuck fund over thout pb. She heard fins voice thourgh the door and he said pbeells I need to talk to you I just broke up with to and I need advice. A lustful and crooked smile spears across PBS face or its just begun pb thought.

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