In Adventure Time: Infinite Cruise, Jake and Finn have undergone a year of training, learnning many new techniques. All Techniques listed here have either been used in Issue 1 or the preview of Issue 2 at the end of Issue 1.

Finn's Techniques Edit

  • Ittoryu - Demon Slash: This technique is first used against a horde of zombies in Issue 1. It is very dangerous and fast. Finn holds his sword in the standard "ready" position, closes his eyes, and dissapears with a gust of wind. A second later, he reappears behind his target(s), who, if the attack is succesful, fall to the ground, cut to pieces. "Ittoryu" literally means "One Sword Style" in Japanesse.
  • Ittoryu - Bird Song: This technique is seen in the preview for Issue 2, against a giant rock moster. Finn slashes the ground with one sword, creating a blue, cresent-moon like projectile that flies at the target. It is unknown how effective the attack is, as the result of the attack isn't shown as the preview ends there.
  • Santoryu - Crossing of the Three Pathes: Finn, using three swords, spins the sword in his left hand clockwise and the sword in his right counter-clockwise. He then dissapears and the frame fades to black, three white lines appearing on the next pannel. In the panel following that, Finn is showing standing as his targets are slashed to pieces. This is first seen being used against three undead knights in Issue 1. "Santoryu" literally means "Three Swords Style" in Japanesse. This is also seen being used against a group of rock monsters in the preview for Issue 2, very succesfully.

Jake's TechniquesEdit

  • Crashdown: Jake sends a bolt of fire from his finger into black clouds that are gathering above him. Seconds later, a collum of fire and a bolt of lightning that spiral around eachother shoot from the cloud, getting closer and closer together until they combine and turn into a bolt of purple energy. The effectiveness of the attack is never shown, as Jake uses it at the same time Finn uses his "Ittoryu - Bird Song" technique and the preview ends there.

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