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Swip Swap!

(it all starts in the land of Aaa and for some reason, Fionna and Cake are not fighting the Ice Queen, they are just walking around Aaa and there's nothing to fight or do)

Fionna:It feels weard doing noting.

Cake:Well what do you want to do?

Fionna:I don't know but its SOOOOO hot and my feet hurt.


(cake streathes up and sees if there is anything to fight or do)

Cake:I dont see anything to do

Fionna:I KNOW!

Cake:WHAT WHAT?!?!

Fionna:We can go to the candy kindom and umm... well I only thought up to there.

Cake:Well if we go there what will we do then

Fionna:we could say hi to P oh ya, thats right PG went to fruit village for his science convention.



Cake:You were right, ther's nothing to do!

(then the screen changes to Finn and Jake, who have absoluty NOTHING to.)


Jake:Who knows

(just the oposite of Fionna and Cake, who are walking around the land of Aaa,they are walking around the land of Ooo)

Jake:Hey look, a penny!

(Jake picks up the penny but its not apenny at all... it turns out to be a really big, loud,brown monster)


(Finn and Jake start to beat up the monster as it cuts to Fionna and Cake. They have been walking soooo long and soooo far that they are nearly at the edge of Aaa.Because they are almost at the edge of Aaa they here the REALLY LOUD monster)

Fionna:Hey Cake stop. Did you here that?

Loud monster:brawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

Fionna:Wow! Finally,I don't care how far that monster is lets go get!


(Cake grows big as Fionna jumps on her back and Cake runs to where she heres the loud monster. Finally they see it and runs toward it,but thy do not seem to notice Finn and Jake already fighting the monster, so they keep running toward it. Then Fionna reaches for her sword and with Cakes help they both beat the monster. After the monsters dead they both notice Finn and Jake...)

Finn:Who are you?

Fionna:Well who are you?

Finn:You look just like me

Fionna:And you look like me

Finn:Except your a girl.

Fionna:And your a boy

Finn,Fionna,Jake,and Cake:Woah cool!

Cake:Who are you guys?

Finn:We are Finn and Jake

Fionna:Were Fionna and Cake

Jake:Nice to meet you

Cake:Its nice to meet you to.

Fionna:Hey do you guys know where we are?


Jake:Your in the land of Ooo!

Fionna and cake:uh-oh

Fionna:Wait Cake! I think I have a world map in my pac!

(Fionna reaches into her pac and pulls out a world map)

Fionna:Thanks guys!

(Fionna and cake leave)

Finn(whispering to Jake):That was weard... BUT COOL!


Hope you enjoyd

please tell me how I did on a comment :)

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