"Sugar Rush"
Season 1, Episode 7
Production code: 200
Airdate: October 1
Director: Jico
Story: Ronuel,


Written &
storyboarded by:


"Under The Sea"
"Trip to the Sun"


Finn and Jake needs to save Princess Bubblegum since she's zombified by the Ice King to make a new princess.


The scene begins near the outskirts of the Ice Kingdom, where Finn is yelling at the Ice King for kidnapping Princess Bubblegum, telling him to make his own princess. Ice King explained that he IS making his own princess, and need Princess Bubblegum's sugar to make Princess Bubble Clone. Finn explains that the Candy People need a ruler, but instead, Ice King almost hit Finn with an Ice Bolt.

Ice King, then flew away with the princess, which causes Finn to sigh. The scene cuts to Ice King's castle where Princess Bubblegum is locked in the Ice Dungeon, and Ice KIng has a machine. Princess says that she finds him stupid, but Ice King explains everything, and when he presses the button, Princess will become zombified. After that, Ice King presses the button, and shocked (literally) the princess, allowing us to see her bones.

Then, instead of a healthy Princess Bubblegum, its replaced by an unhealthy zombified princess. Ice King cheered and the door behind him opened and there, he saw the beautiful Princess Bubble Clone. The scene changes to the outskirts of the Ice Kingdom, where Finn is riding Jake heading towards the Ice Kingdom.

It didnt take too long for Finn and Jake to see the zombified Princess Bubblegum in the woods, Finn came down and told Jake to make a room in his butt to store Princess Bubblegum, as he begins to ride Jake again.

The scene switches to Ice King's living room, where Ice King is giving Princess Bubble Clone a tour of his house. Suddenly, Jake's hand appears and grabs the Ice King. Finn shouts to reverse the switcheroo, but Ice King disagrees and shoots ice at Jake, causing him to freeze. This angers Finn and he grabs his sword and knocks Ice King's crown. Then, he took off Princess Bubble Clone's crown, and puts it to the zombiefied PB.

After the putting of the crown, The orig PB was cured, while Princess Bubble Clone was melted, after the melting, Ice King rushes down and cries for Princess Bubble Clone. Later on, Penguins came and licked the remains of Princess Bubble Clone.

The scene changes to the Candy Kingdom where Princess Bubblegum gives Finn and Jake a medal of honor, while all the Candy People cheer.

Main CharactersEdit

  • Ice King
  • Princess Bubblegum
  • Jake
  • Princess Bubble Clone
  • Finn

Minor CharactersEdit

  • Penguins
  • Candy People
  • Snail


  • Stormo and Goliad are seen having a psychic battle on top of the Candy Kingdom walls.
  • Earl of Lemongrab, Lemon Clone, and Lemon Pegasus are seen as cameos.

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