Storm Prince
Name Storm Prince
Gender Male
Age 13
Species Storm Person
Occupation Prince/Adventurer
Relatives Storm King, Storm Queen
Introduced In The Power of Thunder
Latest Appearance The Secret Kingdom
Voiced by Luke Ganalon
Storm Prince (also known as Shocky) used to live in the Storm Kingdom (destroyed in war), but now lives in a house on a cloud above Finn and Jake's tree. He goes adventuring with Finn and Jake almost every day.


Storm Prince is the last storm person because everybody got killed in the war. His parents told him to run away during the war and when he came back there was no more storm kingdom. He vowed that he would rebuild the storm kingdom one day. He decided to build a house on a cloud and chill there. The cloud soon was above Finn and Jake's tree and never moved again.


Storm Prince is purple, has a lightning bolt instead of hair (like all storm people), and has a crown hanging on the tip of his bolt. He wears a weird black belt that has a golden circle with an R in it (royal storm symbol). He is very large and buff.


Storm Prince isn't very patient and likes to attack problems head on. He always feels like there's hope. He is determined and never gives up.


Storm prince can make thunderstorms, tornadoes, hurricanes, and all types of precipitation happen. Without his crown he can't use his powers.

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