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Space Marines are the total embodiment of the Emperor of Man. They are armed with the best the Imperium has to offer and it's not surprising that they are often referred to as the Angels of Death. Space Marines in Dawn of War are the standard army, due to their basic troops, buildings, and vehicles. Space Marines are a favourite army for beginners for this reason, although they are in no way a beginners army. With a core of strong heavy infantry, they are capable of performing in any situation with the right planning and upgrades.

The Space Marines in Dawn of War are different from those in Games Workshop's table top game Warhammer 40,000. This is mostly due to some units roles being taken up by other units, (Landspeeders and Attack Bikes, for example), though still they are hugely popular and a great race to play.


[[[]]hide]*1 Backstory


The story of the Space Marines goes back to the beginning of the Imperium of Man. After the Emperor reclaimed Earth and restored order, he set about creating perfect warriors. They would be able to withstand more punishment than any normal man and be able to fight in environments a normal man could not survive. So the Emperor set out to create these warriors, creating 20 Primarchs to lead them into battle. From these noble leaders came the genetic material for the legions of the Space Marines.

Not all went to plan though, as Chaos foresaw this as their chance to gain their own loyal warriors and scattered the Primarchs onto a number of distant worlds. After countless decades of searching, the Emperor finally reunited all 20 Primarchs and gave them each a legion of Space Marines to command. However, Chaos soon had taken root within some of the legions and thus a great civil war broke out in the Imperium of Man. Brother fought Brother in a period known as the Horus Heresy. But a daring attack led by the Emperor himself destroyed the Chaos leadership and the traitors, now known as Chaos Space Marines, were banished from the Imperium. The Emperor himself was mortally wounded and preserved within the Golden Throne, held back from death but unable to interact with the world other than through his psychic presence.

The Legions were split into smaller chapters, and each chapter employs no more than 1,000 men each, standing ready to crush the enemies of the Imperium. The Space Marine chapters still hold the Emperor's words with them, fight for him and conquer his enemies, awaiting the day that he leads them to battle once more.

Dawn of WarEdit

In Dawn of War the Space Marines are represented by the Blood Ravens, a mysterious and secretive chapter. The Blood Ravens responded to a distress call sent from the planet Tartarus which was facing an Ork Waaagh!. The Blood Ravens 3rd Company launched a ground assault, driving the Orks out of the cities of Tartarus and back into the jungles where their leaders were hunted down and killed, leaving the Orks to fight amongst themselves in the power vacuum. However, they soon uncovered the presence of a Traitor Legion of the Ruinous Powers of Chaos. Throughout their campaign, they encountered Eldar who attacked them without any apparent reason. However, the reasons would become clear when they uncovered a plot by the Traitor Legion to release a powerful Daemon contained within an ancient artifact called the Maledictum. Even with the imminent threat of a warp storm trapping everyone on the planet, the 3rd Company of the Blood Ravens marched on, fighting Chaos at every turn. The taint of Chaos even affected the Company's Librarian Isador Akios, long friend of Gabriel Angelos, Force Commander of the 3rd Company. When Isador finally turned to Chaos, Gabriel executed his former friend for treason against the Emperor. Eventually, Gabriel destroyed the Maledictum, denying its power to the Chaos Space Marines, but also releasing the daemon it contained. Before the warp storm finally closed in on Tartarus, Gabriel Angelos pledged to rectify his mistake and hunt down and destroy the Daemon.

Winter AssaultEdit

In Winter Assault, the Space Marines make a cameo appearance through a strike force of Ultramarines, led by their Chaplain Varnus. They are on a mission to guard the Titan crew and make sure they reach a fallen Titan in one piece. While playing as the Imperial Guard you must reach an Ultramarine Thunderhawk Gunship that has crashed near the base of Chaos Space Marines. Although they take many casualties, the Space Marines manage to pull through, holding back the hordes of Chaos until the Imperial Guard arrives. The Imperial Guard then clear a path for the Ultramarines to the Psychic Gate guarding the Titan.

Dark CrusadeEdit

The Blood Ravens, led by Davian Thule, arrive on the planet Kronus to retrieve ancient relics related to their chapter's clouded history. So insistent are they that no one outside the chapter gain any knowledge of these relics, they demand the immediate departure of the Imperial Guard regiment sent to take the planet back from the Tau. When the Imperial Guard commander Lukas Alexander refuses to back down, the Blood Ravens call their actions heretical and declare war. Having turned their backs on their only potential ally on the planet, the Blood Ravens are caught in a seven-way struggle for control of the planet.

Although alone with the Space Marine company at his back, Davian Thule of the Blood Ravens was ready to carry out the command given to him. Even with numerous other forces standing against him, the Blood Raven Space Marines stood strong and ready to do their duty. First, they made short work of the Eldar at Tyrea before they could be led astray by their trickery. Next, the Space Marines brought down the Necrons with a Holy Flash from above, thus purging the enemy. Although the Tau fought for the Greater Good, they failed against the God-Emperor's best. Even when Warlord Gorgutz 'Ead 'Unter led his Orks boldly at the Space Marines, each wave could not withstand the powerful Predators' assault. As Davian Thule pressed forward into Chaos territory, it was the Horus Hersery once more with brother vs brother. Finally, when Governor-Militant Lukas Alexander and Blood Raven Davian Thule met on the battlefield, it was order and duty that had them in an endless war.

Finally, with the all the factions purged, Davain Thule recovered the missing artifacts of the Blood Ravens chapter and secured any remaining Imperial Guardsmen by sending them back home. Although many of the captured Guardsmen said the Blood Ravens were traitors to the Imperium, Davian Thule was able to convince the Inquisition that their orders superseded those of the Imperial Guard. Nonetheless, the Inquisition would be watching the Blood Ravens should their devotion to their own duty cross with the orders of Segmentum Command again.

Space Marine UnitsEdit


[1]"With all due haste."

The Servitor is a mindless robotic drone used by Space Marines to construct field bases and do field repairs. Servitors are fragile and do not posses any offensive weapons with which to defend themselves, so defending them is key as they will die under extensive fire.

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Scout Marine SquadEdit

[2]"I sense danger... we will root it out."

Scouts are Space Marine Trainees or Neophytes who have yet to prove themselves worthy to ascend to the rank of battle brother and wear powered armour. Lightly armed and armoured, Scouts can withstand little punishment before dying. The addition of Sniper Rifles and/or Flamers make Scouts excellent morale breaking harassment troops. With the addition of Plasma Guns, the Scouts become a good fire support squad. They are also able to use the infiltration ability with the appropriate research from the Stronghold.

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Space Marine SquadEdit

[3]"For the glory of the Imperium."

Tactical Squads are the backbone of a Space Marine force. Clad in Power Armour they are the personification of the Emperor's Holy Wrath. They are initially equipped with bolters and knives for close combat. They can be upgraded with special heavy weapons such as flamers, heavy bolters, plasma guns, and missile launchers to cover almost any situation. This makes the Tactical Marine Squad very flexible and capable of dealing with the toughest infantry or vehicles.

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Assault Marine SquadEdit

[4]"Death from above."

Marines that show exceptional close combat prowess are inducted into the Assault Squads. These squads excel at hit and run attacks, falling from the skies onto the enemies of Mankind. Armed with Bolt Pistols and Chainswords, and wearing holy Power Armour, these warriors strike terror into the hearts of their enemies. Jump Packs mean these squads can quickly jump into an area, cause considerable damage, and then jump out again.

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Grey KnightsEdit

Dark Crusade and forward

[5]"Daemons and heretics will fall before us."

On loan from the Inquisitorial armies of the Emperor, the Grey Knights are more powerful than any Space Marine. Trained in the art of Daemon slaying, they are prepared to fight against whatever Chaos throws at them. They use specialist Daemon Slaying equipment, such as the Nemesis Force weapons and Psycannons to send horrific warp entities back to the Immaterium. Steadfast, courageous and unflinchingly loyal, these are some of the best warriors in the entire Galaxy.

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Terminator SquadEdit

[6]"The Emperor's finest reporting."

Terminators are the elite troops of the Space Marines. Clad in Tactical Dreadnought Armour they can withstand the heaviest of fire and emerge virtually unscathed. Terminators are veterans of many battles and their combat prowess is unmatched. Terminator Squads are equipped with fearsome Storm Bolters and can be equipped with Assault Cannons and Heavy Flamers. Their teleport ability, which they share with Assault Terminators, can also be used to allow them to set up a crossfire.

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Assault Terminator SquadEdit

[7]"A moment of laxity spawns a lifetime of heresy."

Terminator Assault Squads give up their Storm Bolters and Power Fists for a Thunder Hammer and Storm Shield. This turns the squad into a melee powerhouse, easily a match for the close combat specialists of other forces. They have a special ability to stun their target upon striking it, thus completely immobilizing it given a concentrated attack by the entire squad. Assault Terminators make excellent use of the teleport ability to get behind enemy lines.

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Skull ProbeEdit


Built with secret technology and using the skull of a suitably devout servant, the skull probe is used by Space Marines as a forward scout and cloaked unit detector, going deep into enemy territory to pinpoint positions to attack or defend. Its ability to infiltrate, disable enemy vehicles and structures for a short period of time, and more importantly detect cloaked units makes the Skull Probe an essential scout and support unit for the Space Marine army.

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[9]"Death or healing, I care not which you seek."

Apothecaries are the Space Marine version of a Medic. Armed with a Narthecium and Chainsword, they can defend themselves against lightly armoured foes. They are best used attached to Space Marine Squads, providing them with improved healing right on the battlefield.

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[10]"An open mind is like a fortress with its gates unbarred and unguarded."

The Space Marines secondary hero unit, the Librarian is a powerful psyker, using abilities such as Smite to disrupt foes or inspiring his battle brothers to fight on with the Word of the Emperor. The Librarian is a supportive unit rather than an offensive one with his abilities geared towards supporting his fellow Marines in battle.

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Davian ThuleEdit

"I command the name of the Emperor."

The Space Marines primary hero unit and commander of the chapter's ground operations. Boasting heavy armour and a powerful attack, he fights with courage and without fear. The only thing that matters to him is the death of the Emperor's enemies. Thule can be upgraded with a Daemonhammer and Plasma Pistol, ensuring that he can stand up to whatever is thrown against him and his brethren. The Force Commander also possesses several powerful abilities.

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Winter Assault and forward

[11]"Faith is purest when it is unquestioning."

The Chaplain is the very embodiment of the Emperor's Will, inspiring his brethren to greater feats of heroism. The Chaplain is also in charge of maintaining the spirituality of his battle brothers and, in doing so, healing them of impurities. The Chaplain is a great offensive hero, with a strong melee attack as well as the ability to break the enemies' will, making them easy prey for supporting units.

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[12]"We carry the virtuous."

The Rhino is the primary transport of the Space Marine army, able to carry 3 full squads into battle, protected within its hull. It can be upgraded to carry a Smoke Launcher system, which can provide immediate cover for advancing troops, and with the Rhino taking no vehicle population they can be an underused but great support unit to deploy. The Rhino is the only transport vehicle with no offensive weaponry of its own.

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Land SpeederEdit

[13]"Land Speeder reporting."

The Land Speeder is perhaps the most advanced vehicle that the Space Marines have, able to skim across the battlefield at high speeds, it is an excellent fast attack unit. Armed with an Assault Cannon and a passenger-manned Storm Bolter, it can lay down a considerable amount of anti-infantry fire. Furthermore, when deployed in packs of two or more, they can cause some serious damage to lightly armoured foes.

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Land Speeder TempestEdit

[14]"Land Speeder Tempest in the air!"

The Tempest variant of the Land Speeder features an armored and enclosed single seat cockpit, and is armed with a nose-mounted Assault Cannon and can be upgraded with side-mounted missiles. The Tempest is deployed by Space Marine Chapters when fast-moving heavy fire support is needed.

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[15]"I have awoken."

The Dreadnought is an armoured walker able to cover difficult terrain conventional tanks would find impossible. The sarcophagus contains the remains of a mortally wounded Space Marine veteran allowing him to serve the Emperor even after his "death". Armed initially with twin powerfists and a flamer, they excel at tearing vehicles and buildings apart in close combat. Dreadnoughts can be upgraded with either an Assault Cannon or a Twin Linked Lascannon to provide effective ranged fire support against infantry or tanks.

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Hellfire DreadnoughtEdit

[16]"Even in death, I still serve."

This Dreadnought variant loses both powerfists for more anti-infantry weaponry. An Assault Cannon is able to scythe through ranks of lightly armoured foes while the Missile Launcher provides disruption against enemy infantry and is effective against all targets. Best deployed in pairs to cover each other, the thick armour of the Hellfire allows it to withstand major punishment.

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[17]"Whirlwind artillery tank here."

The Whirlwind is a variant of the Rhino chassis. It foregoes its transport capacity to mount a Whirlwind Missile System on its hull. This launches multiple warheads and acts like artillery. The Whirlwind has a huge range and causes massive damage to lightly armoured infantry. Able to fire "blind", there is no part of the map safe from a devastating barrage.

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[18]"Predator deployed."

The Predator is the mainline battle tank of the Space Marines. A standard Rhino chassis fitted with improved armour, sponson Heavy Bolters, and a turret-mounted Autocannon, this is an infantry munching machine. Once Heavy Armour Deployment is researched, the Predator's weapons can be swapped out for Lascannons, giving it incredible firepower against enemy vehicles. Heavily armed and armoured, it is a fearsome opponent on the battlefield.

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Land RaiderEdit

[19]"Land Raider armored transport here."

The Land Raider is the ultimate weapon of the Space Marines, it is a massive threat to enemies on the battlefield. Armed with a variety of weapons, it can deal huge amounts of damage and can also take incredible punishment. It is the only transport able to ferry the hulking Terminators. Such is the might of the Land Raider that it requires a Relic and only one can be on the field at any time.

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Space Marine BuildingsEdit


[20]The Stronghold is the operational forward command for the Space Marines, landed via a Thunderhawk Gunship. It is able to deploy Servitors, Scout Marine Squads and the Chaplain, as well as provide the means to enlarge the deployment forces.

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Listening PostEdit

[21]The Listening Post provides increased protection on a strategic point, enforcing the Space Marines hold on the area. It is upgradable with heavy anti-infantry weapon systems as well as researches increasing the requisition gathering rate.

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Plasma GeneratorEdit

[22]The Plasma Generator provides the Power resource needed to power the Space Marines during battle, shot down from an orbiting battle barge, it can be quickly erected and ready for operation using a Servitor.

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Thermo Plasma GeneratorEdit

[23]An advanced version of the Plasma Generator, the Thermo Plasma Generator provides almost double the power. However it needs to be built upon a Slag Deposit and these can be rare on smaller maps.

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[24]The chapel-barracks is where the Space Marines are transported to from their orbiting Battle Barge, providing a central target so they don't land in enemy lines or beyond the battlefield. This structure is the primary infantry production center and as such should be protected at all costs. Without it, you cannot call in infantry reinforcements. Deploys the Tactical Space Marine Squad, Assault Marine Squad, Terminator Squad, Assault Terminator Squad, and Force Commander.

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[25]The Armoury is where the forces of the Space Marines store all their equipment. If you want to outfit your Marines with heavy weapons, you'll need an Armoury. It is one of the most important structures on the field, lose it, and you lose the ability to deploy more advanced infantry weaponry and technology.

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Machine CultEdit

[26]Thanks to the Adeptus Mechanicus, the Space Marines can deploy various armoured vehicles. Parts are flown in via Thunderhawk Gunship and are assembled in the underground factory by the Mechanicus' workers, they are then deployed onto the battlefield and ready to fight. Deploys the Rhino, Land Speeder, Land Speeder Tempest, Whirlwind, Dreadnought, Hellfire Dreadnought, Predator and Land Raider.

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Sacred ArtifactEdit

[27]A beacon of faith for the Space Marines, the Sacred Artifact houses the most important relics of the Chapter, inspiring them to fight harder and with greater skill. The Librarian and Apothecaries deploy from here, ready to serve their brethren with whatever help they need when slaying the Emperor's foes.

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Orbital RelayEdit

[28]The Orbital Relay provides quick communication between the Space Marine ground forces and those awaiting deployment in the orbiting Battle Barge, allowing deployment of infantry squads and Dreadnoughts directly into the heat of battle via drop pods. It also allows a Force Commander to relay coordinates for orbital bombardment. This is another primary structure, and must be protected from enemy attack.

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Heavy Bolter TurretEdit

[29]Built at a fixed position, the heavy bolter turrets allow for a static defense, freeing up mobile weapons to attack the enemy elsewhere. They can be upgraded with a Twin Missile Launcher system that is effective against vehicles.

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Mine FieldEdit

[30]Land mines are used to slow and disrupt enemy advances, scattering and damaging foes as they advance. A defensive position should never be without a few well placed mines, it can mean the difference between victory and defeat.

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Sacred Artifact

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Desecrated Stronghold

Listening Post

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Chaos Temple

Chaos Armoury

Sacrificial Circle

Machine Pit

Daemon Pit

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Webway Assembly

Listening Shrine

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Webway Gate

Aspect Portal

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Da Listenin' Post


Bigga Generator

Waaagh! Banner

Da Boyz Hut

Pile O Gunz!

Da Mek Shop

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Thermo Plasma Generator

Infantry Command

Tactica Control

Mechanized Command

Mars Pattern Command

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Cadre Headquarters

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Path to Enlightenment

Kroot Shaping Center

Vehicle Beacon

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Mont'ka Command Post

Coalition Center


Dormant Monolith


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Summoning Core

Forbidden Archive

Greater Summoning Core

Energy Core

Gauss Turret


Kabal Fortress

Tower of Loathing

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Slave Chamber

Hall of Blood

Haemonculus' Laboratory

Dark Foundry

Wych-Cult Arena

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Ecclesiarchal Chapel

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